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02 August 2010



Chunking bricks at innocent folks don't require reading.


I will be highly, Highly, HIGHLY disappointed in the GLBT community of Houston & Galveston if they don’t protest like HELL !!!! 1 fifteen year reduction because of Dyslexia? Are you serious?
Since when did Dyslexia impair his judgment to throw concrete rocks at GLBT on purpose?
I swear these court cases and their “technicalities” makes people like myself have no faith whatsoever in the justice system. There is a very large GLBT population in Houston and I hope they act swiftly and loudly because that makes entirely no sense whatsoever.

Cocoa Rican

So if he gets beaten to a pulp upon his release by the gay community we can plead ADD or some other irrelevant condition?


How ridiculous can things get! As electrick.red says I'm pretty sure you don't need to be able to read to throw a brick. Are they trying to imply by him being dsylexic that he couldn't comprehend that being violent towards gays was wrong? I really would like to hear the full reasoning for this.


Slap on the wrist in Texas to teach US not them us a lesson; us getting attacked for our sexuality is a none issue. What in the hell does is lack of reading ability have to do with throwing bricks at and assaulting innocent people minding their business? Priceless... I know now if I attack someone in Texas (not that I would) I'll just claim my near sightedness to get off...

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