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12 August 2010



This is sad and tragic. Would it have killed the police department to make sure that the young lady had a way from the police station? It was 12:30 in the morning when she was released without a purse or cell phone. It is just humane and the right thing to do to make sure that she had somebody to leave with.

True Words

Why did she not pay her tab? Did she call her family? Where were her family when she was arrested? Where was her family to pick her up? The mother even stated that she wanted to "teach her a lesson"

The police can not be held responsible for what happened to her after she was released. They did all the correct and standard things for their department.

All of this information concerning her "mental health" was made public after she went missing. Did her family have a system of checking up on her if she went a period of time with calling? Or is this information used to paint a picture of a troubled girl that was not but points the finger at the police.

There seems to be MUCH that the family did not do. There were phone calls made but the family did not come and get her. They even state that she was not from the area; also the police has been compliant with the releasing of information regarding what happened.

Sadly someone did harm to this young woman but it was not the police department. Richardson's mother was never called. And it's the family's fault for a what the police did? Your "true words" are ridiculous lolz. -RM

alicia banks


but somewhere there is a holy black homohater rehoinceing with their buybull

they see this loss as a divine cleansing...shame!!!

Mark N.

Ok, Rod...I have been following this story for a while now over the past year and I have never heard of a report that she was a lesbian. When was this "discovery"?
You've been "following this story" for a year? It's been reported here and elsewhere. Try Mitrice's MySpace where she wrote, "Why I'm a Lesbian." Do you need more than that? It's in the LA Times today and The Advocate. There are 33,000 Google hits under "Mitrice Richardson lesbian." -RM


Excuse my ignorance, but what excuse would the sheriff's office have for "impounding" Ms. Richardson's car AND her cell phone AND her purse? Why, if she was being released, wouldn't she have been given her possessions back? Was this some perverted form of bail? And, needless to say, releasing her at 12:30 a.m. without any of the possessions she would need to get home should be considered a crime. It seems purposeful and sadistic.

None of this makes any sense to me, and just seems like piece of evidence #7,096,375,228 of American police departments out of control and drunk with a sense of unchallengeable power.

I'm sure, however, the police department will investigate itself and find itself to be blameless.

We Americans need to be much, much more afraid of our police and our "justice" system, which could end the lives of any of us at any time. Until we become so frightened that we demand changes, we are at the system's fickle mercy.

Distant Lover

Rod, please stay on this!! Why wasn't this reported on CNN, MSNBC or FOX? I'll give you two reasons.
When Natalee Holloway disappeared it was on every major network. That hag, Nancy Grace, talked about it for months afterward. The police department needs to sued into bankruptcy. I hope her family gets a lawyer that goes for blood and true media professionals like Rod keeps the spotlight on these idiots so we can avoid this tragedy from happening again.


@True Words: You say, “Where was her family to pick her up? The mother even stated that she wanted to ‘teach her a lesson.’”

First of all, we oddly heard no recording of that “teach her a lesson” part. I strongly suspect that if the cops had a recording of it, they would have released it. But regardless of whether it is a lie or not, we DID hear these words of the mother:

“...the only way I will come and get her tonight is if you guys are going to release her tonight. If she’s going to be held in custody for some kind of arraignment tomorrow, then I will wait until tomorrow.” That makes perfect sense to me. Does that sound to you as if Ms. Richardson’s mother had refused to pick her up?

We also heard the mother say, after she found out the next morning from the police that they had released her at 12:30 a.m.: “...I would hate to wake up to a morning report [that she was] lost somewhere with her head cut off.”

Are you a cop, True Words?


@True Words sounds like a press release for the LA County Sheriff. How the frick do YOU know what the police did and what is proper procedure? And why are you blaming the family for what happened at the police station? The LAPD and LA Sheriff have zero credence with black folks. Police departments from Oakland to Newark are shooting unarmed black men. And you say it was Mitrice and the family's fault that the POLICE dismissed her without car, purse or cell phone.

You're triffling.


@Not So True Words:
There is videotape of Richardson acting erratic at the police station. It was obvious she was off her meds or troubled. And once again, you sound foolish and like a Republican.

@ Rod: Let me cosign Distant Lover. I really appreciate the stories here. I never heard about the Flint slasher until you started talking, thanks my man!

True Words

I have truly followed the story; if you want to "learn" and not accuse because it is the "thing" to do...you have to archive the articles relating to Mitrice...or really dig thru the links providing and start putting together a timeline of events. Rod has done an excellent job providing information.

The police found marijuana in her car while I do not think it was enough for impounding it is within their right to do so.

When the mother called the station (on tape) why did she not mention that her daughter is bi-polar or some other mental condition. For those who are concerned, a female officer (who was black) interviewed Mitrice extensively before her release.

Also I have a suspicion that the family had something to do with this tragic event. The family and community made this a circus with sightings in Las Vegas; discussing her sexuality with less than kindness; etc.

I know people are screaming cover-up and as always if there is a white institution involved then a "black person" has been mistreated. I wish the black community publicly looked after, discussed and dissected their community first.


RIP Mitrice. I mean really, through all the bickering about who did what wrong, a young woman is dead.

Since finding out what happened (which we probably never will) and placing blame are what we're focusing on, I surprisingly agree on the most part with True Words.

Her parent weren't contacted, but 19 is an adult, you're parents don't have to be called if you're arrested. It's also possible she didn't want them called.

Also, if you listen to the 911 calls, and the calls to the jail itself, yes the mother is under the impression that she would have been held until the morning, but she quotes "they tried to get her to stay but because she's adult they had to let her go."

The picture painted here and other blogs is as if the police pushed this young woman out into the night and slammed the door. It's false.

Her mother mentioned she'd been in a depressed state, but no clinical diagnosis (bipolar, etc) offered to the police that night, by the family or anyone else, and per the police reports she didn't show signs of illness.

While the situation is unfortunate, I'm not sure what exactly people wanted the police to do? Hold an adult woman against her will? Contact an adult woman's parents? I'm not sure that's standard procedure. If anyone is, please let me know.

If the law is to let an adult go, they have to let her go. They can't hold her just because she's a female, or the mom wants her to, or she's pretty,..without reasonable cause. If they did there's another lawsuit on their hands. Per statements by Sharon Cummings the booking officer, she did not show behavioral signs that would warrant her further holding. She even offered her the option to stay.

The area where I think they could have done a better job is providing her with her purse and cell phone. However it's possible they didn't know/realize it was in the impounded car, maybe she never asked to retrieve it?

Rod and others passionate about this case, concerning only the night of the arrest, how do you think the police should have acted differently while acting within the limits law?

Black Pegasus

I remember seeing Matrice's sister on both CNN and MSNBC pleading with anyone who might have seen her sister to come forward. Law enforcement obviously dropped the ball in this case, and it saddens me that BLACK LIVES aren't as prioritized by authorities as they should be..

R.I.P Matrice...

Mark N.

Rod: Thanks

Eileen Lasher

It is clear an investigation regarding the misconduct by the Sheriff's Department is in order. The Sheriff's Department should have some concern for the humans they herd like cattle and profit from. Eileen Lasher

Eileen Lasher

My 16 year old daughter called 911 after being assaulted by her father a San Diego Police Officer. San Diego Sheriff's Deputies responded to the 911 call advised my daughter they were not going to help her and she was free to go. No report was taken no assistance provided. She was then reported missing. Currently there are 3 internal affairs investigations ongoing but even the investigation is being controlled - in other words there is a clear agenda on the outcome. Eileen Lasher San Diego California

Dwayne A. Faulkner

@Eileen Lasher
I totally agree with you stating that investigation commitees are put together from staff they have to keep an eye on is senseles in itself. shows the lack of power-balancing that is so representive for our system...
I deeply hope your daughter got home safely. It is kind of hard to believe, that someone who decided to become a law enforcers is willing to violate his own daughters human rights.
Be blessed.

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