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22 August 2010



Baldwin is my main man...I am rereading "Just Above MY Head" right now..He was a very strong man...

Rodney B

Man. I wish he were still alive. if James Baldwin were alive today, he would rip the Black/Latino gay community to shred for adopting the hyper masculine identities not only by our young but the older gay men who try to emulate it, the almost embarrassing take the black church has on homosexuality, the role of the internet on our community, and our response to the HIV epidemic.

Man man man!

Taylor Siluwé

Awesomeness ...

chris w

Baldwin's words were almost premonitory regarding a black president in the US. So we have a black president, but over what kind of country is he presiding?

Chitown Kev

Yeah, chris w, the whole "do I want to be integrated into a burning house" question.

And don't think that Baldwin wouldn't be tearing into white gays behind all the Prop 8 shit.

I wonder, though, are these some of the essays that I've already read in the Library of America edition of his writings edited by Toni Morrison...still, the thing with that is seeing how the essays function together in the volume that they are in.

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