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24 August 2010



What a great interview with John Amaechi. Thanks, Rod.

And now I want to go to Oakland Pride.


What Jim said. That's a great interview with John Amaechi. The answers are so detailed and thorough. I'm always impressed by John's depth and intelligence. And gettinmg his PhD? Wow. So glad that he's on our team in more ways than one.

Rod, I've been reading this blog for a year and two and I have to give you your props. You do a damn good job and will never hear it enough from other black gay men.You know how "we" can be lol. I was amazed you went to Vienna . Thanks a lot man.

Oaktown in da house lol
And yes I will be front row!!


Thanks for the update. Always informative and timely!

Mystic Stranger

Sigh ... John Amaechi is so dreamy. Reminds me of a handsome, thoughtful Jamaican I once dated.


I saw John Amaechi out and about at the gay games, he was always at the Rudolfplatz where the guys crowded for drinks after the day's events, really cool and accessible. Wish I'd spoken to him more. Thanks for sharing the great interview!

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