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13 August 2010


Derrick from Philly

Lord, help me....I can't sit still, and I'm having trouble breathing. And I'm sweating and drooling. It aint pretty at my age.


He's an amazing looking guy but the thick beard isn't working for me at all. I remember once a while back he had a thin goatee and looked good with that and really short hair but that beard needs to be thinned out a lot.

Byron Monte

lol...such a juicer!! anybody seen the under armour store dummy's these days? they're made to look like freakin' king kong...this whole roid thing is spinning outta control!lol

Black Pegasus

I would love to play with that Muscle Booty...damn


He face looks to hard for me in these shots. I'm not feeling the beard or bald head. Is it just me, or does the bald head make him look older, a little haggard maybe and meaner? IMO, some men just need hair, even a close cut ... and he's one of em. Plus, I like my men fit and athletic. Juiced up muscle guys do nothing for me.


Byron, he can "juice" me anytime he wants.

Derrick from Philly

It's called "BEEF"! He's got BEEF! I'll never forget his last appearance on Saturday Night Live where he did this Broadway Show type of song and dance number, and turned to shake his big lucious booty for the camera. He's thick and juicy and gay-friendly.

Although, he still might be a Republican, but that's all right--I'm used to mentally ill trade, and a good bath can get rid of the GOP stench...temporarily.


I don't think Dwyane is juiced up at all. He's always been a naturally big guy, especially back in his WWE days. I think he just dropped some pounds in recent years because he wasn't wrestling anymore.

Mark N.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM! And I love you Rod!

Derrick from Philly


Dwayne appeared at both the Democratic and Republcian Conventions back in 2000. So maybe he isn't a Republican at all--just a big luscious bi-partisan beauty. No need to make him bathe now.


WWE guys juice. Doesnt mean the Rock does and it really doesnt matter to me. He's a little too big to me and the facial hair isnt that cute but he's still a very attractive man, both inside and out.


I'm not feeling the beard or bald head.

That's okay, VJ, I'm feeling him enough for both of us -- You !Go! Dwayne! :)

Black Pegasus

LMAO @ Derrick from Philly!

Luv it!

Distant Lover

Everytime I see this man, I turn into the biggest ho! I love the bald head, makes me wanna lick it like an ice cream cone! Love the beard and the mean, 'don't phuck with me' look, especially in that first pic. I love that look! It means the man is all about business and you want that look when a man's handling his business in the bedroom! As for the body... (fanning myself and licking my lips) I cannot explain in G-rated terms what I want to do with that body, juiced or not! He could put his juices anywhere on me!


I do think he has juiced in the past, he says he hasn't but he did have to have surgery to remove breast tissue and fatty deposits from his chest back in the day and that is a sign of roid use, that's why he wore that nike style warm up shirt for so long when he wrestled to cover up the chest while it was healing. Also when you see pics of him before he got into football he was actually quite skinny, he's not a naturally thick guy at all.


Oh Gawd! So fine.




That Goatee is working for me.....WOOF BABY! Mature looking Man....DAMN ROCK you ROCK. And he also voted for Obama!



That is a sexy look on him and I may be bias since I have a bald head and a beard thank you very much!!! The ROCK is sexy and he can do no wrong in my book. DAMMMMNNNNNNN!!!!


Dwayne Johnson looks strong and handsome!


Seriously he needs to lose some more weight, dont know why these wrestlers think looking big is gonna get them big in Hollywood. The days of stallone and arnie are over, and those dudes werent that massive. Rock if he continues roiding up and looking massive will finally end up as all wrestlers acting in direct to video releases. The female follower swooning over him will just move on.

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