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07 August 2010



Hey gurl.


I am really proud that this is 2 African-American men AND Father/Son. It's beautiful and I hope it's because they are both progressive thinkers and humanitarians. Period.


LadyM must've been looking at the last picture when that comment was made, lol


Beautiful photos.


beautiful photo of father and son!

Honut Sinti

Good pictures. They look like brothers.

Mark N.

We need more like the two of them. Nice to see some positivity out here.


Beautiful father and son; beautiful campaign; beautiful images of progressive black masculinity.

I wonder if the son will come out publicly as gay or bisexual? Does that even matter these days?

Maybe is does matter in terms of giving more visibility to a variety of LGBTI people-of-color.

Just pondering the pud...


Great cause and a great pose! Thanks you two for your support.


Joshua is hot! Would be nice if he does play for our team, cause I wanna holla!


Who would have thought...

Black Pegasus

Isn't the Isiah Thomas the one who started the GAY rumors about Magic Johnson after he announced his HIV infection?

Sorry, but Mr Thomas and people of his ilk are a cancer to our community, and this photo shoot does little to cure the damage he caused years ago. Isiah is a homophobe and his son looks hella Zesty!

It would be poetic justice if his son turned out to be a Queen. LOLs

Dallas Cowboy

@ Black Pegasus:

I'm really disappointed you would say that. It really shows how far our community has to go.

The rumors about Magic were going on LONG before he tested HIV positive. And I might add that it is still VERY RARE for a man to become HIV poz from a woman, it's usually the other way around.

Isiah has publicly said he didn't start those rumors. And Magic also said this in a book, never confronted Isiah with this. I'm not sure why some of us are embracing every thing Magic says, he has gone out of his way for years to say he is straight and really hasn't helped embrace black gay or black gay HIV poz people.

The rumors about Magic were running looong before the HIV. And it's hella funny that Magic tries to blame it on one person.

And you really need to stop. Gaybaiting Isiah's son is bit much from a queen. And since you were ready to fight people who implied that man shot in New Jersey was gay or DL --- he was just in the park after dark watching birds-- it's hella crazy that now you want to claim that you know who was behind a rumor that started 20 YEARS AGO.


Dallas Cowboy

And I don't recall Isiah Thomas making any homophobic statements. I recall him KISSING MAGIC before every game (even after he tested HIV poz) and there were many gay rumors about Isiah.

If you have evidence of Isiah being "homophobic" besides rumors that Magic attributed to Isiah 20 years after the fact, please tell us all. Otherwise it's just more bs that Magic Johnson spins to keep reminding people that he is straight.

You really need to stop throwing that word around. As I recall, you claimed the cop in New Jersey was "homophobic" but you wanted to debate everyone was said the black man shot was probably bi/DL/etc and cruising in the park. Why would a "homophobic" cop shoot a straight black man? And if Isiah is "homophobic", what did he say or do?

Mystic Stranger

I thought the one who did all of that was Karl Malone? Whatever the case, I'm glad to see them do this.

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