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03 August 2010



I hope that Judge Walker has bodyguards. You know a lot of “conservatives” are going to want him to be assassinated after tomorrow.


^^^ That's probably one of the reasons his ruling took so damn long.

I believe there are conservative strongholds at work within the Govt & Judicial system that will stop at nothing to get their way in terms of keeping equality from all GLBT Americans.

I don't doubt for a second the Federal Govt made every attempt to "persuade" him to rule against marriage equality. If the Judge rules that Gay & Lesbian couples have the legal right to marry, who knows what types of backlash he and those who champion for GLBT equality will face.

Taylor Siluwé

I agree the Judge will face assassination threats. Whenever there is a shift in understanding of scripture, someone threatens to kill somebody.

It's so funny (in an ironic kinda way) how these Christian fundamentalists wave around disjointed bible passages to justify their hate, and then threaten to harm and kill those who disagree with their perversion of ancient texts.

But then again, what kind of terrorists would they be if they didn't?

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