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25 August 2010


Mystic Stranger

That was such a crazy situation ... very sad. I remember getting the call from my sister like it was yesterday. I can't say I was a huge fan but it bothered me for days because she was my age. Life is short and things change very quickly. Gone much too soon.


Wow I remember where I was when one of my buddies called me and told me the sad news because I cursed him out hoping it was some sick joke that was a lie. But when I turned on MTV and saw the news I was heartbroken for her and her brother especially because of how close they were. Still to this day I have never been on a plane and never will because I am terrified to fly and that was an awful way for baby gurl to leave this earth. I miss her and she lives on through her music which I play on the regular. RIP AALIYAH!!


I remember where I was when I heard she had passed. I was lying in bed listening to the radio. I was drifting in and out of sleep and I heard something faintly about Aaliyah. I payed it no mind. Then I woke and there was nothing but Aaliyah songs playing back to back. I wondered what was going on, its 2 or 3am and they are playing all these Aalyah songs. So I sat up and when the DJ came on and told of her passing, I was overcome with Shock and disbelief. I turned my lip up and said,"they did the same thing to Luther and he wasn't even dead". I then decided to turn on the TV and see if anything was being said and sure enough, there were breaking news messages streaming across the bottom of the screen. At that point I believed it was true. I couldn't fathom how something like that could have happened. It was so random and just didn't make sense. She was really coming into her own at that point, she was about to star in the Matrix films and her new album was coming. It was just TOO MUCH! I'm glad people are still SPEAKING HER NAME, she was truly talented and has left a lasting impression on the our society. RIP Aalyah!


I still LOOOOVE her!


It took me a while to get over the fact that I just watched her on 106 and Park that week and a couple days later she was gone. RIP


Wow I had no idea OUR Rev Kev was the one who was suppose to be on the flight. I was a huge fan of Aaliyah, she will be missed. RIP.


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