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12 August 2010



this thing is like a roller coaster ride. only real families are in limbo while all this gets played out. it's going to be trippy, looking back at all this and wondering what the fight was all about.


The court's decision of today is interesting. One part that doesn't get enough play in the media is the issue of standing to appeal. The judge stated that the supporters of Proposition 8, while allowed to be Intervenors in the lawsuit, may not have standing (essentially, a legal right) to appeal the decision. The judge cited case/s to indicate that. The judge indicated that it seems that only the governor of the State of California or the Attorney General of the State of California may have standing to appeal.

California's governor and Attorney General like the judges rulling on Propostion 8. Accordingly, it seems possible/likely that no appeal will be "heard"/allowed and that the game is over. Let's hope that this is the case.

On TV, I've seen some people object to same sex marriage on the basis os being against Biblical teachings. Well, there is the Islamic Republic of Iran but there is no such place as the Christian Republic of the United States. If they want that,then I suggest that they get a Constitutinal amendment to make it so. In the meantime, they should remember that the United States is a Constitutional democracy and not a Biblical democracy and not a direct democracy.

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