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20 August 2010


Former COGIC

this man wouldnt take a credit card over the phone and couldnt wait the next day to get his money from the relatives?

and he called the LA cops to take a black woman to safety????

this is a set up!


If a person can't pay their bill then that is BOGUS! u do not step into a place of business that where its workers is dependent on tips and paying customers and say"o ill pay u the next day". What would guarantee they actually paid it the next day? Some restaurants will take the cost of the food served out of waiters/tress' checks because people think they can get free food. Its no ones fault that girl girl but her own or whoever KILLED HER! How they hell she die anyway?


Ugh. The more I learn about this situation, the more maddening it becomes...

So, the owner wouldn't accept payment due to "liability issues" but was willing to do a citizen's arrest on someone who didn't commit an arrestable crime?! I hope the Richardson family sues him BOOTS. Really...

Former COGIC

@ Terrell:

We'll remember that in case you ever lose your credit card or it's rejected after you ate your meal, because of computer error or a deposit didn't come thru. Or your forgot to take your meds and forgot you had money. Oh and it costs a helluva lot more than $90 to arrest someone, jail them, process paperwork and enter a warrant and charge.

And the restaurant can only recall EVER arresting someone for this one time before.

And we KNOW the police are so helpful to black people, right Terrell?

The fact that she was black and acting a little strange...hmmm... the police would never take advantage of her? She would never have been beaten or raped, right?

Terrell, you sound really beyond ignorant, man. Srsly. So what she didnt pay the bill. She didn't deserve to die. Always glad to hear BLACK (gay) ebonics using commenters support a MALIBU RESTAURANT and LA SHERIFF that would NEVER support them.


Former COGIC

Hey Terrell, if a very feminine gay man is gay bashed ... do you blame them too? Were they asking for it and that was "between them and their gay bashers?



In the hospitality business if you take a credit card over the phone with the proper third party documents the place of business is liable. I know we all feel for the young lady but you can't blame the business owner cause he was doing his job. What if that person on the phone was a friend using someone else credit card? Don't judge the manager. Until you work in this business you will never know the legal trouble he would have been in if this was something shady.


I meant to put without the proper documentations.


If she was acting erratic/bizarre, why were the paramedics not called so that they could then refer her to a PET = PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION TEAM, especially if she supposedly passed the field sobriety test - although there are rumours that one was never given. Similarly, the sheriff's station said there were no tapes of the conversations between the mom and the sheriff's department where mom was assured that her daughter would not be released that night. Viola, now there are taped conversations all over the net for the public to hear the truth....since we can't rely on the Sheriff's department to tell it. Furthermore, there are other medical conditions that can cause a person to act erratic - one in particular being diabetes, low blood sugar can be deadly....so does it seem being bipolar and black in Malibu. In retrospect were the $89, really worth having her arrested for that - even if it was a citizen's arrest? Did she not have her checkbook with her in the car which they impounded? Could the owner not have gotten a signed blank check and her license for safekeeping and followed up to get payment, a simple agreement that could be witnessed by one of the deputies would have sufficed. How does putting her in jail recoup his $89 loss, it costs the state more to process her, than $89. The fact is that the owner probably has a pair of shoes that cost more than the $89, Mitrice lost her life over. This is something that he will have to think about for the rest of his life.

Shame the owner and shame on the LOST HILLS/MALIBU SHERIFF'S STATION, I wonder if they would want their daughter, sister, or mom released in the wee hours of the early morning in a remote unfamiliar area without a car, cell phone or money to contact anyone. I am not a litigious person, however, I hope that the family prevails in their lawsuits and owns a piece of LA, although it will do nothing to bring back their daughter. Let their victory also change the processing/discharging procedures for individuals released from custody also be changed so that this never happens again. It should be changed to include a psychological evaluation by a competent individual(s) so that if necessary preventive procedures such as a 5150 can be enacted to confine an individual who may become a danger to himself or others. Let no other black or hispanic have to endure second class citizen treatment at the hands of those SWORN to serve and protect....oooh yeah but only those without melanin in their skin....in other words...white/caucasians....


the police didn't kill that girl. Should be investigating that instead of playing race cards....

Derrick from Philly

" Should be investigating that instead of playing race cards...."

The race card is 400 years old. It may take a while for it to be played out in this country. When the police released that girl that night they put her in danger. The police played the race card--her race made her life unimportant.

Catalina Blue

You know, the restaurant may not have killed this girl, but they have very poor customer service skills. I don't frequent establishments unless they value my business and treat me right. Obviously this customer will never come back, people remember when they're not treated with respect. Also, the restaurant could have attempted to recover their money later if the credit card didn't go through. Even if they couldn't get it back, they're only out expenses in reality -- the cost of food, labor, rent -- not the full amount. Most of that tab was profit, they didn't lose the whole $90.

With that said, it was the predator who killed this girl. He/they deserve 100% of the blame, and people should be doing everything possible to put him behind bars before he kills someone else. It could be your daughter next -- predators aren't picky, they're criminals of opportunity. By following other cases, I've learned that this is often a cycle where they "have to" kill every few years, sometimes more often. If people don't come together and find him/them, you'll be sorry!

The cops should also be held accountable for putting her in danger like that. They showed no common sense, and they're in law enforcement, so they knew what risks she was up against.

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