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09 August 2010


S. Flemming

He looks nice there.


very cute


I tell you, the media machine can really make you into a star. I am not saying Songz does not have talent, but to craft a career based on 90% sexually suggestive songs and a ripped body....where is the art (except for his fab bod)?

I always think about the church in these situations. Why don't they make a fuss over things like this? Oh yeah, there only agenda is against anything GAY!

Black Pegasus

I thought his "Media Transformation" was performed quite masterfully. His handlers were able to catch the attention of the "Hot in the Ass" Teenage Girls, Young Women, and the Gheys as well. lol

Sex Sells! whether we choose to admit it or not. For me Personally; I'm not into his music, but I don't mind watching one of his videos with the MUTE button activated..Like Raheem1252 mentioned; I need a lil more art in my musical artists.


I cannot knock him for wanting success,but like so many others before him he has sold an image that Americans won't allow him to alter. His creativity and even integrity will be locked in time. The immediate benefits may be attractive but he has willingly agreed to his own disposal.

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