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12 August 2010



I hope the time goes more fast!!!


In his original decision, Judge Walker said that gays were being denied fundamental right/s and were being denied equal protection/equal treatment/were being unfairly discriminated against in violation of the US Constituion and that there were no Constitutionalally suffiecient reasons for that. One factor to decide in weighting a stay/injunction is the harm to be done to the parties (on each side I suppose). Another factor is the chance of success for a final judgment.

I think that it's hard to continue to block deny people fundamental rights (and subject them to unfair treatment) potentially for years when the Governor and the Attorney General of the state of California say that no harm will go to the state of California if by lifting the stay/hold.

I suspect that Judge Walker determined this a long time ago but has spent the past days writing a decision that will be hard for an appeals court to overturn. Time will tell. The decision should be release within hours of now.

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