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02 August 2010


Cocoa Rican

Such a non-entity...
The Pres has proven time and again that he has the 'cojones' to do virtually anything he sets his mind to. Healthcare, war clean-up, Obama has the balls for it all...


But i say a news story on MSNBC where they cited that President Obama has had more illegal immigrants sent back to their respective countries than than former president Push did during his term in office? I don't understand where she's coming from with this?

Honut Sinti

Palin: Hello, I have an appointment. My name is Sarah Palin.

Receptionist: Oh yes. I see it here Ms. Palin. Welcome to the sex reassignment and brain transplant clinic. Your balls and new brain just arrived. Take a seat, the Doctor will be with you in a minute. ;)


If she don't keep that mouth shut, he probably got something to shut her up. Enter cojones.
And his acts on immigration... reveal he's not a racist like she is. It is ridiculous that someone would have to defend the action of not expecting all brown people to carry papers as they move about the state.


Palin's problem is that she's not where Obama is: The President. And we must make sure she never gets there. This bitch will run her mouth continually....even during Obama's next term. Eventually, I think she will destroy herself. So she can talk all she wants to, but she's gig to dig herself a hole that she won't be able to climb out of.

Chitown Kev

this heifer gotta lot of nerve...


Yes, Kev, she has a lot of nerve.

But we live in a nation where, to succeed, you do not need education or knowledge. And it’s actually a disadvantage to have wisdom, compassion, or honesty.

You just need to have a lot of nerve. (And makeup.)


I'm sure she read that word off her hands...and she really doesn't have the credentials to say who and who doesn't have "the cojones" to do anything in the political arena.

But hey OBAMA is the president and she is...ummmm what does she do again?


True, gotta admire Palin for saying whatever comes into her mind.

However, she is now part left-right paradigm of the “establishment”, when she endorsed the two “elites”, John McAmnesty and Rick Perry, (who only postures on illegals, while supporting their in-state tuition and anti- HB1070, not to mention his huge efforts using eminent domain for the NAU Superhighway), she lost all respect, in my book.

She’s just another political hack, trying to get her “side” fired up…. she dumped her principles when she endorsed the two RINO’s and showed herself to be just another party hack.

Also, she just up and quit the job she was elected to do. That tells me enough about her. I actually think she is unstable.


I think she is the dumbest person in America and wish she would just go climb in a seal hole and get eaten by a shark or something. She is so useless as a human being and is fueling the Racists around the country towards President Obama...I think Katie Couric should ask her some more questions and I bet that bitch would shut the hell up then!!


While the President misses on some things with me I have no doubt in my mind that he can handle immigration responsibly. Ms. Palin, my dear here is a seat. Please implant your butt in said seat, have a coke and a smile.

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