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03 August 2010



This should wake up the church members who say being gay is a choice. No one wants to be killed for being who they are. This hatered among people need to stop and using god for the acuse to kill beat or judge is not right. The world should learn from this treat others as you would want them to treat you.


This person i obviously sick. Heeven admitted to hitting him and it not being the first time, and to be so no caring a I am going to jail for 20 yrs for this. Kill him.....I have always felt people who murder and rape children should be put to death. This is so sad but like someone else wrote unfortunatley it happens alot, and yes the mother should answer to someone as well. You cant tell me he only did this when she was gone.

Mr. FAMU Feminist

We are enamored with the very ideology that destroys our community.


And watch how people throw their hands in the air proclaiming "What happened"

What happened is what always happens when a community pledges its allegiance to patriarchy.

Honut Sinti

20 years? That heathen should be put to death.


I believe the inmate population where ever he will be serving time will serve him his due recompense! He's "trippin" over 20 years. He's going to wish that he was given death instead.


If you believe homosexuality is evil and if you believe a boy “acting like a girl” is possessed of Satan—then by that logic, doesn’t it make sense to kill this little boy?

Doesn’t the church teach us that it is our duty as Christians to exterminate evil? Well, this man exterminated what the church teaches him is evil.

Of course I also blame the culture of hyper-masculinity that has infected pop culture since at least the age of N.W.A. and Ice-T some 24 years ago (a culture that was tacitly blessed by a structure of power and privilege even more brutal).

But when the message of pop culture and the “message of God” agree in their advocacy of violence, should we be surprised when some people don’t resist the message?

Thornell Jones, Jr

i am so sad by this. Tears literally streaming down my face. The life of a little baby was snuffed out by ignorance and the family has to endure this pain. If everything is in Divine perfect order - I know that this tragegy MUST be used to enlighten the masses - tweet. Ping. FB. Share. This has GOT to S.T.O.P!


@ Mystic Stranger: That's what i posted yesterday but the post dind't show up, why not leave your child/children with a relative you KNOW will look after the child & have their best interest at heart? Time & time again we hear of stories of this nature with the same critical outcome. These broads need to stop being so dayum naieve when it comes to THEIR kids & trusting them with men they truly don't know!!!!!!!!

Taylor Siluwé

If there were an actual Hell, it would be being sent to prison for beating a 17 month old to death - and then dealing with an in-house prison justice system with guards who would be more than happy to look the other way.

Even 20 years of those conditions is an eternity. I can't think of anyone more deserving of such a Hell.


How ironic that he would beat this baby to "make him act like a boy", when he is a 20 YEAR OLD MAN beating a defenseless baby! Where is the manliness in that?! I'm sure if he picked on someone his own size he would get that ass beat. Deep seated homophobia and deep insecurities. What culture says is behaving like a 'real man' has been perverted for a long time and this is the suffering it creates.


I was reading some o fthe posts on here about our favorite Ms. Donnie McClurkin and on some other sites and how thos of us who are actually smart were pointing out that his rants would cause things like this to happen and of course the sheeple "Christians" ( I place quotes because these people rant about our so called "sins" without ever addressing their own how you doin'?) come back with the lame "reasoning" that it would not and that what they were doing was about love... The pastor of the church I went to before I began using my brain fully woul dsay the same, teach gay men to "act like men", teach lesbians to "act like women and become mothers" (bull___ you fill that black in). Like gay men aren't men and lesbians women. Like behavior determines your gender and not your gender that determines your gender. And look at what happens from that, a baby dead at the hands of some idiot (out of respect for the blog I'm not going to call him what he is I'll just say idiot) kills an innocent child all because he thought the boy was acting like a girl. What. The. Hell. At a loss for words here... And the mother, young an dold straight women these days desparate for a man listen up, don't be so desparate to have a man that your life and or the lives or your offspring are in danger. Things like this happen... I'll be praying for this little one.


Please forgive the typos and lack of editing, I usually take the time to do that but like I said I'm really flabergased right now..


This reminds me of the brutality I suffered in the hands of babysitters and just rotten people in the black community (yeah I said it) trust and believe he will get his in jail. Doing ANYTHING to children is deemed to be unforgivable even by prisoner standards... his hole will be wider than the pacific ocean and he will come out a drag queen when get through with him (I mean HER)

Distant Lover

I hope that he is beaten to death in prison after he is gang raped. That would be a fitting punishment. They should throw his carcass in the garbage. He doesn't deserve a burial. God bless that poor child. And I hope that stupid bytch that left that helpless child at the mercy of this homophobic monster gets her tubes tied so that she won't produce any more victims.


The racism, classism, and homophobia of some of the comments is ridiculous. There are plenty of white, middle-upper class, heterosexual, married parents who torture their children for failing to live up to gender norms. This was a horrible crime, but let's not use our prejudices to mask the fact that violent homophobia happens in a wide variety of social demographics.


This is BEYOND words!


I hope he get's beat everyday of his life!

A mother that grief  4 the mother

u should get the death penalty. u ass hole


This is what we get from our backwards, unenlightened, Homophobic and sexually hypocritical culture. America as a country and a culture needs to wake up and join the rest of the advanced world. Homophobia cannot be condoned or encouraged if we want horrors like this to be just a dark memory. We need to truly honor diversity instead of just paying the term lip service during elections.

daniel harris

this is a horrible situation. imagine the emotional, spiritual death that occurs when people are humiliated and abused for not conforming to gender norms. we need to adhere to MLK's philosphy on non-violence.

Stuart Heasman

I agree with just about all of your comments, particularly those of Nathan James when he says that the murderer suffers from "deep-seated homophobia and sexual insecurity". If there's one thing I've learnt in my six decades it's that homophobes all fear that they might be homosexual. Why? Presumably because they think about their own sex during m*sturbation.

This remains a deeply, deeply disturbing story. One sometimes gives up all hope for the human race.

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