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09 August 2010



alveda king is a stain on the legacy and memory of dr king. she and bernice are hustlers and opportunists ... and none of these NOM evangelicals in Georgia would have supported her uncle 40 years ago.


She is TRULY IGNORANT! I can't even begin to understand her arguments of genocide and extinction. It makes absolutely NO sense! Gay people are in relationships NOW (married or otherwise). The population has NOT now and NEVER WILL BE AFFECTED by it! She's INSANE! I liked the interview, her arguments are disingenuous and dangerous.

Where is she getting her "statistics" from? My guess is from her A**!

Derrick from Philly

The Right-wing in this country never seems to mind having complete lunatics featured in whatever lunacy they're trying to promote. Actually, I guess that makes perfect sense, doesn't it? ...the nuts leading the nuts.

I bet Dr King wasn't too fond of his niece. We all have atleast one family member we hate to a coming to visit.

Mystic Stranger

Considering most of the straight black folks in my family who are making babies and not trying to get married, this should be a non issue for most black folks. *Rolls eyes* ... give me a break.

alicia banks

she and bernice disgrace mlk!!!

more proof that black gaybashers are the worst on earth!!!


alicia banks


see horrid black gaybashers wilding on gays here 24/7:



This fool came to speak at my university about three years ago. She was so disgustingly anti-gay and anti-choice that I (and others) had to walk out. I agree with the poster above who says that she is a blight on the legacy of love and progressiveness that Martin and Coretta stood for. Alveda is an embarrassment to black people.

Older Women

Wow. That's is amazingly ignorant. MLK is rolling over in his grave.


Why is it that those who claim to believe that heterosexual marriage ("pro-family") protects children and makes them better adults seldom seem to speak against out of wedlock births and divorce (how many of you have attended a "church" christening ceremony for momma and baby sans husband?). Seems to me that if those people really wanted to "protect marriage", they would make getting a divorce difficult in order to protect the children. Hmmmm, what about heterosexual couples who can't have children...?

alicia banks


MOST black and white children today are
born to single mothers or reared in blended families of serial divorcees...

homohaters have no shame re brazen incessant lies and glaring soullless hypcrisies!


If you're going to use the bible to bash gays and fight marriage equality, for God's sake, please just stick to the book. All of these BS "theories" are making the right-wing sound ridiculous. As if we men go and marry each other and then there will be no "traditional" marriages. It's not the fight that pisses me off, it's that we have to fight THIS.

Chitown Kev

well, in today's queerty race riot connected with this thread, i did call this hot mess of a woman her own one woman c*on show.

But moreso than the anti-gay mess, what she said about Coretta...she needs to have her black card revoked.


ATL kid said: “...and none of these NOM evangelicals in Georgia would have supported her uncle 40 years ago.

This is, of course, perfectly true, but I don’t think hustlers like Alveda even care about that. They are perfectly willing to make a deal with the Devil, because they are of the Devil’s tribe themselves.


(how many of you have attended a "church" christening ceremony for momma and baby sans husband?)

Right here although we call them welcoming ceremonies. It's not always mommas either. We are a mostly gay spiritual center or church if you like. I've never seen anyone get up and walk out.


Thanks for bringing to light the ignorance of Alveda King. Maybe the emotional scars of her abortions and failed marriage has clouded her thinking. As noted NOM's 'rally' was sparsely attended. One positive sign was that Georgia Equality's protest rally occuring at the same time on the opposite end of the capital building had twice the number of supporters.

Nathan James

Does Alveda King know, or even care, that the rights she enjoys today were made possible by her uncle's choice to enlist the aid of Bayard Rustin, a gay man of color who became one of MLK's closest advisors? Without Rustin, the fate of black people in the Jim Crow South of the 1960s might have been very different. MLK recognized Rustin's gifts and value to the Civil Rights movement, and availed himself of them. Homophobia was not a part of King's activities, nor should it be part of his legacy. Alveda King should be reminded of that.

Meanwhile, her uncle continues to spin in his grave over her hateful words.

Cocoa Rican

She is proof that ignorance and hatred can live on and that being the niece of one of this nation's GREATEST leaders and soldiers for equality doesn't mean anything outside of the fact that everyone has a dumb ass niece or cousin that serves to soil the family name.

Madge Weinstein

What do you expect from a woman named after a brick of cheese?

Black Pegasus

@ ChiTown Kev

I'm watching you! LOL


Fuking Faggots.. Stop trying to legitimize your filthy lifestyle
And you're on a gay blog because ...? Besides from visiting the shirtless football player's pics, according to your IP address? -RM


The interview by Arisha Hatch was amazing. You could see her passion and concern for the GLBT community and you could see Alveda's disdain for that same community. As a straight ally myself, I feel so much pity for people like Alveda. It is quite clear that she is dealing with her own internal pain but taking it out on others.

All I will say is please keep raising your voices, keep typing and keep believing that misguided folks don't speak for every black Christian and they truly don't speak for GOD. Minister Gerald Palmer- Word For The Soul Ministries

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