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09 August 2010



The serial killer is described as a "white, muscular male standing 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 2 inches, lightly goateed with a baseball cap and sporting a stud in his left ear."

Sounds like half of the crowd at the gay bars. Chile please .... you know what I am thinking!


This is so sad! What is going on in this life we are living?

Honut Sinti

This is awful.

Anything from the other side lambasting such unspeakable acts?


I co-sign, just sad & i'm wondering are they doing ALL they can to try to catch him (i.e., bring in the FBI & set up a task force w/all the states where these crimes have occurred). We see that it's not getting any steady press coverage (where is Nancy Grace??????????) Many have found out about it by reading blogs. Now if they victims were all white, they would cut into the soaps & prime time programming with updates!! It just sickens me (the double standard in this country)!!


Also they are saying that there were similar stabbings in Leesburg & they "believe" the Ohio stabbings are related due to the same m.o.

True Words

Time to close up those Manhunt, Adam4Adam, and other accounts...start thinking with your brain. Make sure that you are traveling with someone, resist hooking up without emailing friends information and for goodness sake stay out of the bushes...

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