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11 August 2010


Automatic Prince

Thanks for posting this, Rod.
Did you watch the "2 Boys, No Marriage" video response? It was not what I had anticipated it to be. That girl is smart and funny. make sure you watch it. :-)


I love this dude..nuff said..

The Truth

Bravo to this guy! Much respect to Steph Jones.


Thank you Steph, I will be supporting!


@Automatic Prince...thank you for making me go there and check out 2 BOYS/NO MARRIAGE...she's funny, beautiful and yes, she's smart! I reposted her to my FB!

Steph Jones is, was and will ever be a beautiful man from the soul and in his heart! I loved him the second I heard him make YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE one of the most beautiful ballads I have ever heard (AND THE SONG HAD BEEN REDUCED TO A MUSTARD COMMERCIAL)!

He's amazing! LOOK OUT FOR THIS DUDE!!!


Its really great to see someone take a stand against intolerance. Especially someone like him, an attractive heterosexual male who's on the lighter side of things who is outside of the group that's being discriminated against. Now lets try and support a homosexual openly gay artist who's reached that celebrity status who's also willing to do the same thing. Because so far... that's what we don't have.

Distant Lover

Steph Jones= Beauty, Brains and a Heart! So hard to find that combination nowadays!



And so was "2 Boys, No Marriage." Thanks, Automatic Prince.


he has a beautiful soul...

Timothy C Lee

I loved it. Steph is a great guy ;)


Steph is fabulous. Love this man! Muah!

Derrick from Philly

I guess everybody wants to be careful about NOT offending a straight guy who is gay-friendly and who stands up against anti-gay bigotry...well, I'm going to take that risk anyway. His lips are delicious. Now, there I said and I aint takin' it back.

Lang B

Laughing @ his uncle wore Bright colors and was happy all the time. Good for Steph for representing, however we must dispel stereotypes. Not all gay men are Happy or wear bright colors. LOL


Thanks for posting this!

Black Pegasus

Why can't I find a Man like him?



Steph is crazy sexy kwel in my book!


Thanks for all the support. Steph Jones rocks!

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