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07 August 2010



Tyson Gay is so damn fine! I don't need any excuse to look at his pics.


Hopefully this is the first chink in the armor for Bolt...I am glad that Gay finally beat him. Hopefully he can keep it up so I can start talking to my Jamaican friends again without having to hear about Bolt.

On a side note, that side view of Tyson Gay hugging Bolt is a thing of beauty. He is truly blessed...I love track and field...


surprising! congrats to Tyson. great race for him and his wonderful assets!


What Butchie said.
Bolt is a great athlete but he needs to lose every now and then, if not for any other reason than to shut up the stans!

Good luck to Tyson Gay, even if it is only a short lived victory!


He wasn't tired this time!!

Liberator Émigré Éire

Good for Gay! It's time someone took bolt down a peg or two.

Nevets Nonnac

TMA! Too Much ASS!


I know Usain isn't happy about this!


so he won one and oh my his time was so fast ...LOL!

All Tyson Gay has on Bolt is a nice ass and one measly victory...

No one wins everything all the time!

Derrick from Philly

"TMA! Too Much ASS!"

But aint that a good thing?


I doubt Bolt gave his all. The clip shows him not getting off fast and not pushing hard. Could he have lost on purpose?

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