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08 September 2010



Lord Jesus I pray that they get the individual(s) who did this, QUICK, FAST and IN A HURRY!

I'll never understand people who attempt to play the role of God and decide if I get to live or die. And so what if they were at a Gay pride function. Is that worthy of death????? Here it is you have radical muslims who are chanting death to America and you mean to tell me you'd prefer to erradicate a "homosexual" than the person(s) that want to kill your entire country????? If your so trigger happy and gun hoe to kill someone, join the Military so we can ship you off to kill up the "real enemies".

Unfortunately this is what happens when someone is struggling with their own sexual identity and by killing ME you somehow have convinced yourself that you are also killing the feelings you probably have toward same sex attraction.

This situation just makes me so angry and sad all at the same time.


Brothers.. I did not hear anyone here mention it may have been a hook up situation. Adam and the other sites are overwhelmed with "visiting" profiles of fine men during these events and some of the kids in the A are ADDICTED to these sites. It's VERY dangerous and there have been several brothers killed doing it that has not made national news (I know people who work in media there) We have all had our lonely nights and we have entertained the dangerous ideas and invites that go along with that loneliness. In addition, I can't help but to pray for the brothers who left Atlanta this past weekend with something they didn't come there with. There is a LOT of sex and drinking during these events as we all know. Remember the days when there were gay elders who took young gay kids in as their "children" and showed them the ropes of the lifestyle? Those days are so long gone and it's unfortunate. Mostly because we have lost several generations of gay brothers to the obvious. This story is so sad.


This is a sad situation. I hope they find the killer/s. It could be a friend, a hook-up, another relative. It could be any situation where whoever answered the door knew the person.

I won't vilify the pride event or the people involved. Just like the carjacking murder, life is sometimes a series of horribly random events. No matter where one goes or what one does, they must stay smart and aware. This is the most important point.

I will say that the father seems to be trying to de-gay his son's image. That is the only thing I don't like.

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