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24 September 2010


Kevin Perez

I'm sorry to say that the more I read about this, the less my reaction is outrage and anger but more than borderline empathy and down right not caring.

The idea of safe sex, IMHO, is almost non-existent now unless you're having sex with your self and fantasizing. It's scary. I'm 19, 20 years old, have a lot of sexual energy but don't want the risk of contracting anything. It's just not worth it, no matter how bad my urges are.


I'm thankful that at least in DC we have this being addressed by communtiy groups including Al Sura www.alsura.org, that focuses specifically on educating the community. This group is underfunded like many are. I'm thankful the CDC is refining how it keeps data on this. I'm at the age between the men who lost friends by the dozens to AIDS, and the generation that think anti-viral cocktails will make infection ok.

chris w.

These figures are startling.

I've been suppressing my urges like you, Kevin Perez. I realize that depriving oneself of sex is also unhealthy,but I can't come up with a better strategy.


I think a positive thing would also be talking more about the ways in which two men can enjoy each other without anal sex. Too much top-bottom focus.


Who said you had to deprive yourself of sex? Just do it more safely. Or maybe I'm missing something ...


and why should anyone get tested? Once you test poz the drug assistant programs are fading away and if you don't inform every sex partner of your status than you are a criminal


WHERE can I find a list of these "21 US Cities" hardesst hit by HIV/AIDS?????? Thank you - anyone who can assist...

Rod Mc

Angel, Not sure did you see but I linked to the study above at CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

The full list of cities is here: http://snipr.com/septcdc

Any other questions, feel free to ask. ;)


Just tragic. Young people can be so disgustingly apathetic an ignorant.

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