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16 September 2010


Derrick from Philly

Lord, what an idiot. As ChiTown Kev pointed out the other day: a black person cannot when the mayoral election in Chicago with just black votes alone (in this case, just Church black folks alone).

And if he's talking about the condemnation of homo sex in found in the Old Testament it's rather silly of him to call it the "Christian Bible". Judism, Christianity and Islam all recognize the Old Testament (unfortunately). Although some smart Christians realize that that book is simply the made-up history of the ancient Hebrews, and we don't believe......

Oh, let me shut the hell up. I'm a peaceful queen nowadays. I don't need any church queens coming after me throwing their "Christian" Bibles at my head.


What is his stance on children born out of wedlock? What about black women and men having children with multiple partners? What about divorce?

I am sure that he stands up in the pulpit and preaches against these abominations, too.


OK, Chi-town folks...time for some work to expose this man's "skeletons." Who's up for it??

Kevin Perez

Conservative or Liberal, Christians should keep their religious beliefs to themselves and themselves only. I'm so tired of hearing these broken record players.


I'm really gonna need Chi-town's LGBT community and all it's supporters to step-up and make sure this fool does not get elected. Seriously... I think it's gets to calls himself pastor/reverend/leader of whatever. "What an idiot" is right!


Grab the pitchforks, light the torches ...
Does he understand the notion of the separation church and state? I am so over folks like him using their energies and influence for hate. Sigh.


WHAT AN IDIOT. He better loose HARD.


Now Chulren calm down babies...Ya'll all know damn well he won't clear the primaries so let him blow HOT AIR.No ones listening!

What he needs to do is get out there in dem streetz and stop all that gang killing. I know God is able so he should be able to do above and exceedingly getting those thugs behind bars and off those South Side streets.

Don'tcha think?


the gay white/hispanic establishment will take him down if he even made it out of the primary. which I doubt will happen. There is no black gay movement in chicago. Hell most of us don't even travel to the "gay area" of the city.

I aint worried about meeks, he doesn't have enough crossover appeal to win the mayor's seat! Because chicago is a segregated city I'm not even entertaining voting for an african american because he/she is african american

Chitown Kev


First of all, there are enough "secular minded" black folks in Chicago that don't like Meeks enough that they would take him down too.

Honey, there's a whole bunch of black queens on the North Side, primarily in Rogers Park or Edgewater; there's even a few of them in Evanston.

And black queens and lesbians in Chicago can't stand Meeks any more than the queens of any other ethnicity...

The important thing is that Daley does not get along with Meeks. And if you think that anyone will be elected mayor of Chicago without Daley working for them behind the scenes, you're crazy.

You are right, though, that in Chicago, segregated as it is, thye black community is big enough that it is not necessary to to vote black simply because the person is black.

Chitown Kev

I want to elaborate on a somewhat funny note and it was a white gay guy that pointed it out to me...

He pointed out that he could ride the Red Line and he could tell that there is "tension" between North Side and South Side blacks; almost as if they were two differentr etnicities that lived in different worlds.

I told him that to a large extent he sensed correctly.

And I point that out because I know a lot of black church folks on the North Side that cannot stand James Meeks and thinks that he's an as*clown (a lot of that stems from when he did that silly protest at New Trier High School a few years back)

Chitown Kev

...well, he didn't need to "point it out to me", I knew that of course (poor choice of words)...better to say that the white gay guy clocked it.


He is for the children, not the gays, everthing is not about you all get over yourselfs and think about the kids.. Please believe me he have a better chance then you think...


Michelle, if he is not for “the gays,” then he can't really be for the children, either.


When will the homophobes get it, you have to appeal to LOTS of folks for votes and the glbt community turns out in great numbers and, if he thinks he can win a city wide election, in a city as diverse as Chicago with this attitude, I guess he also believes in unicorns.

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