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26 September 2010



I seriously want to throw up. All these people continue to stand by him when all the facts haven't even been addressed. They are setting themselves up for a world of hurt. I was expecting him to step down but apparently he thinks he can win this. Okay...we shall see. Ted Haggard thought the same thing. Look at what happened to him? And by the way, Ipads to church? Is this a joke? Since when is bringing $500 gadgets to church God's work? Materialism in this church is RIDICULOUS!!!!


We all know how this is going to end... A settlement out of court


I have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. Says it all!!!!


Oh yes some serious money is going to change hands......Collectively the church can not admit they have been so wrong..
"I have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man"
That folks is the whole story!!@ Fred, I am with you!

Distant Lover

People are so easily lead by wolves in sheep's clothing. This is a shame that Long is portraying himself as a persecuted victim. DISGUSTING!

alicia banks

the hypochristian homohating super bowl of sin!!!




I've seen it all. As soon as this clown walked out with this ridiculous hairpiece I would have left the service. Are you serious? Please keep this idiot and even dumber followers in Georgia and off TV. They deserve each other.


A 2005 AJC report found that Long was the biggest financial recipient of the charity he set up. Yet people still support him. SMH


As NeNe from RH of ATL has already said: He ain't nothing but a low-down dirty monkey with a wig on.

Talkin bout he David, no hoe, you Goliath with a greasy wig.

Bishop Don Daddy Long Stroke is gonna swan dive right into Hell. Fcuk him and the false gods he serves, ol' rapin ass.


Died @' I'm not a perfect man' speech. This from a man leading the condemnation of those he considers different to him!
Ofcourse the congregation clapped and spoke in toungues. It's not easy accepting that you've been conned in such a big way!


I appreciate all your comments. My concern is the conflation of homosexuality with pedophilia. Long took advantage of children. The ability of God fearing christians to turn their backs on children is the sickest behavior to absorb.

Members of New Birth care more about the reputation of a man pimping God rather than the mental and physical heath of Black children.

This behavior is akin to the house slave protecting the interest of the slave master as the expense of the masses on Black folk being brutally raped, beaten and dehumanized.

Black Pegasus

**still snickering in the corner enjoying the drama**


Black Pegasus

Copied this from another site

What does Bishop Eddie Long Lies stand to lose?

:20 nonprofit and for-profit corporations.
:A $1.4 million six-bedroom, nine-bath home on 20 acres in Lithonia.
- the mortgage for this house was completely paid off by the charity and the charity was dissolved under the condition that ALL assets would be transferred to the Birth Missionary Baptist Church but the house was never transferred
:Use of a $350,000 luxury Bentley automobile.
:More than $1 million in salary, including $494,000 in 2000.
:$195,145 Home improvements
:$135,560 for landscape improvements
:$3,286 for a pool table
:$13,074 Property taxes
:$16,000 Expense account
:$9,600 Benefits, deferred compensation

:And all under a tax-exempt, charity status.


Here is my list:

1) The pimp suit and that curl were a hot mess.

2) By not denying anything he never has to say that he lied. This shows that he does not know what these boys have on him, nor how to spin it. He is scared because the gifts can easily be verified and this will bring trouble to the church-- and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

3) Bad job of painting himself as an underdog when you come out wearing an expensive suit and have thousands cheering for you.

4) "I am not a perfect man." This basically means "you are going to hear a lot worse and this is going to get bad before we reach a settlement."

5) Given his desire to "fight" I don't see how he can make this go away with a settlement without people thinking he did it-- but he has such control over these folks' minds they don't bother themselves by being confused with the facts. Besides, it will be New Birth's money that pays them off, not his.


Rod, is there any reason you chose to end the post with a photo of Bishop long embracing another man? And then there is that add about 'exploring gay Switzerland'. So messy, it is obvious you do not believe there could be another explanation for these events.

I am not excusing Bishop Long if this were true, but wonder why you keep stressing he is 'anti-gay'. Has he made any antigay comments since that march? And before anyone says anything, yes, I am a black gay man. I also attend church and know that sometimes these young boys are fast and preachers are men after all...


"Has he made any antigay comments since that march? "

LOL, like homophobia has a shelf-life, an expiration date? Has he disavowed and apologized for his anti-gay stances since that march is the appropriate question.


apres moi

@grady. "I also attend church and know that sometimes these young boys are fast and preachers are men after all..." I'm actually disgusted to read that coming from gay man attending church. You make this sound like it's normal and should just shrugged under the carpet like it's 1965.

What Long has done and is being accused of is abusing his position of power to have sex with boys from his church. Had he been a white preacher doing this to white boys, he'd already be arrested by now. In WA state, the age of consent laws explicitly says that if the adult is in a position of power and has sex with someone between 16 and 18 years of age, then they've broken the law and will be prosecuted for that. In Georgia, that may not be the case as other cases in GA involving teacher-student sexual relations have been dismissed based on the above mentioned clause being not mentioned in the law.


Grady sweetie, do you know people who are anti-gay only on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 am to 4:30 pm? It doesn't work that way dearie. You can "see the light" and stop being homophobic (which is not something EVER expressed from Long), and that hate towards someone lgbt can be forgiven.

Regarding your "fast" comment, I agree some of the children are fast. I was one of those types. However, this is where being an adult comes into play. If a child comes onto you, then you as the adult tells the child no, and can explain why something like that is wrong, or he can simply walk away without an explanation. Either explaining it or not is valid. So a major part of being a responsible adult is actually being an responsible ADULT. So it doesn't matter how the situation came about, Long as an responsible ADULT had the responsibilty to act responsibly.

Also, Rod doesn't have a lot to do with ad placement. Also it is a gay site, which means there are gay ads all over this joint. Get used to it.


@Kevjack: “Besides, it will be New Birth's money that pays them off, not his.”

Technically true, but in the end, they are one in the same. The money just comes out of Long’s future luxury expenditures.

@Grady: “yes, I am a black gay man.”

Sounds like you’ve got a lot of work to do before you can say that truthfully.

alicia banks

why do wives share these letch perp walks like stepford zombies???...i hate that!!!

alicia banks

even oj looked more confident and blatantly lied more convincingly!...



Did Grady say that "SOMETIMES YOUNG BOYS ARE FAST?!" What in the name of God and the pulpit does that have to do with ANYTHING!?

I promise you before this mess is over, Bishop Eddie Long and his people are going to try to portray these young men as some kind of predators of their own--fast, young, money-hungry and inciting--and then, as people await, a photo or a conversation is going to be revealed that will shut it down, but not before they have scarred these young men and scared others who may never be willing to come forth!

It is VILE and VINDICTIVE to somehow suggest that the young boy was able to get the MARRIED MAN OF GOD to do something that he didn't intend to do!

Rod, friend of mine, I am in prayer and hopefully, if you will allow, I have an Open Letter to Bishop Long coming! I will NOT allow this conversation to take a turn where these young men, NONE OF WHOM HAS BEEN EVEN IDENTIFY AS IN ANY WAY HOMOSEXUAL, BUT ALL WHO HAVE BEEN OPEN ABOUT BEING ABUSED BY A MAN (NOT THE SAME THING PEOPLE!), are laid on the cross to save a MAN who is FLESH!



I can't get beyond the iPads.


I can't get beyond that terrible curly lace-front toupee. Jeez.


LOL @Alicia and "letch perp walks."

Alicia, just think of what kind of woman would get married (and stay married) to a man like this. If she ever had a soul in the first place, she sold it long ago, so being a "Stepford zombie" just isn't going to be a stretch.

That’s why when I hear someone getting all sentimental about the essential “goodness” of someone like Laura Bush—or Barbara Bush and her grandmother pearls—I have to roll my eyes. If you stay married to such an evil man, you’ve got to have a lot of evil in yourself.

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