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26 September 2010



@SouternIvy: “I can’t get beyond that terrible curly lace-front toupee. Jeez.”

I kinda like it. It reminds of good times at the disco, circa 1981.

Rod Mc

There are some great comments here. Good to see so many people are speaking out on this. The comments and feedback on the blog has been amazing.

BTW, some of the longer comments are being auto-held because of the anti-gay comments from church folk. If your comment doesn't post right away, I'll try to get to it asap. -RM


Much appreciated, Rod.

I should have known you were suffering an onslaught. Thank you for sparing us.


...still shaking my head...read through the legalese in the last (i think)documentation---kept skipping over the state code stuff...and then it hit me...a person in power e.g. pastor, healthcare professional, psychotherapist etc. has a higher standard that they are going to be held to and in this situation...it won't be much different. If he were a man on the street and this happened, pretty much open and shut...and I remembered it's not about abuse so much as it is about coercion...so the question for the legal system will be : did he use his power as a pastor/counselor/principal (of the school/academy, right?)to do things out of bounds with these men? The legal system could care less if the accuser is "fast" (omg, i loved that...took me way back down south...) or anything similar..they pretty much will care about what was done and under what authority was it done under...they have a "special relationship" because of who he (Long) is, right? I don't think it's just going to go away---either he will say he did it or he didn't do it and the court will decide...haven't said anything about that wig or that suit yet...it seemed a little less flamboyant than his normal spandex shirts, but then that wig...God knew what was on his heart :)


And sadly, I was proven correctly . . . No matter the outcome, people will still turn a blind eye.

Mike D

Eddie Long's predatory nature supercedes his gayness. Predators deserve help - when they realize and ask for it. At the moment though, he deserves what all predators do - to burn in Hell. it is no less than some of his parishoners have been wishing for LGBT members since forever.
If I were to prescribe to the belief of and be part of the chosen few destined for Heaven, I would not even give him gift of a drop of water from above, unless said water is spit.
I don't know why I am so angry at this man that I don't know and hadn't heard of until last week, but...

Rod Neville

I think he suffers from Histrionic personality disorder- People with this disorder are usually able to function at a high level and can be successful socially and professionally. People with histrionic personality disorder usually have good social skills, but they tend to use these skills to manipulate other people and become the center of attention.[1] Furthermore, histrionic personality disorder may affect a person's social or romantic relationships or their ability to cope with losses or failures.


This is why church and religion are so dangerous IMO, you can never just have blind faith in anyone or anything, it's scary to see people look so devoted to someone who is no better than they are. Being brain washed is awful and I wish people would stop giving in to these scam artists.


I just sent the picture at the top of this post to http://www.awkwardboners.com/.

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