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15 September 2010


Black Pegasus

WoW...I don't live in D.C so this is news to me. I always thought Fenty was well liked by the residents of D.C.

I better give my old friend in D.C a call and get the scoop.


Fenty lost the race because of Dc schools chandler michelle reid. She got in there and fired all the teachers. Thats when the city turned against him because of her. Michelle Reids excuse for the firings was that the teacher had a poor performance rating. But the excuse she used before that was some of the teachers were molesting the children. Teachers parents and students warned Fenty to fire Michelle for her molestation claims and the teacher firings but he never did. He stood by her firings. It was her everyone hated not him, its just that he never let her go and she was such a drag on him that the entire city just turned their backs.

I'm just happy dc has a mayor that supports gay equality. I was really worried about this the last couple of weeks. Thank you rod for finally informing us on grays stance on gay rights.

Mystic Stranger

People here are just backwards. No two-ways about it. They just elected a man who damn near ran the Department of Human Services into the ground more than a decade ago to run a city going through growing pains. Fenty was not perfect but he got results. Only in a city like DC would you hear a chorus of "you did a good job but you are arrogant so we are voting you out" ... SMH. Now we are known as the city who is going to have an adverse effect on education reform nationwide because a mayor who was trying to change the schools got the boot. A shame and a half.


DC is not committed to improving the lives of its citizens, otherwise they would see the need and therefore support education reform. The old boys network is at it again, sending someone there to just sleep on the job. The Teachers Union can now protect their pension and non-productive teachers.


My buddy in DC said he voted agaisnst Fenty as he felt Fenty was anti-black and anti-poor, which was a total shock to me but, he said that's a sentiment that is all over the black neighborhoods, but, at least the guy who won is glbt friendly.

Black Pegasus

Ok, I just had a email chat with a friend in DC, and he says Fenty lost because the Blacks in D.C wanted him to kiss their asses (lol).

Whatever the reason was, I wish Fenty well.. I had a crush on his yella ass so maybe I'm bias..:)

Mystic Stranger

@ Black Pegasus ... Your friend is correct. And the one who is about to be doing a lot of ass-kissing is Gray - I'm sure he has a stack of IOUs on his desk from all of the groups he aligned himself with to get elected. A political everyman who will get nothing done trying to be all things to all people. All this talk about giving people a voice is hollow to me. I'm all for poor people in particular having a voice, even though anybody who has a foot in the reality of DC and its divisive culture knows they never will, especially considering the way the city is changing. (I had a crush on Fenty's yella behind too BTW ... LOL ..) I mean Fenty was a jerk-off in many ways but he had good intentions and continued the progress that was going on when he got in. I think he just wasn't as politically savvy as he could have been at times. Regardless, I still think he deserved four more years.


Brien I agree with you totally. Fenty was trying his best to reform those damn schools. Its a shame the citizens of dc want low quality teachers for their children


Fenty is arrogant, but he did a great job reforming the city and he is really reforming the schools. I live right outside of DC in Maryland, but I work in DC and I am afraid that the progress that Fenty had made will lost with Gray. He is just like all of the old administrations that were so concerned about pleasing the unions and groups that got him elected, that he will not do what's best for the city. fenty did what was best for the schools and when people came against him and said that he was not doing what was best for Blacks because he fired Black teachers who were collecting a paycheck without teaching the students.


Many of the prior comments hit the nail on the head.

People don't vote for candidates they don't like, damn any objective qualifications. Remember, "I wanna have a beer with him." George Bush? I'm not endorsing this view, just stating it.

Fenty could have salvaged this months ago, but the Washington Post analysis is on point. He was almost childish in his stubborness and unwillingness to put on the charm and change his personal style even when there was ample evidence that it was becoming toxic to him. This is not about his handling of the city. Yes, many people have issues with certain decisions, but polls showed that the majority of the citizens thought the city was heading in the right direction, but many of these people still wouldn't vote for him and had a great deal of personal enmity toward the mayor.

I don't know what's going to go on with school reform now. Michelle Rhee made some misteps with her handling of the teachers, but it's still better than the status quo, which was basically, kids not learning a damn thing, being dead last in everything and teachers being completely unaccountable. And let's not pretend that a lot of the heat Michelle Rhee took was because she was Korean. Yes, black folks will sit back while other black folks run the school system in the ground (But send their kids to private schools). DC is racial like that.

Is Gray going to cave in to the teachers union now? I'm wishing Vincent Gray well and hope he can resist the powers-that-be which are even now lining up at his door with their hands open.


Gray hasn't said rather or not he will fire michelle rhee. i sure hope he doesn't for the kids of dc sake.

oh and fenty was fine as hell. i'ma miss seeing his pretty ass on tv.


I don't think we've heard the last from Fenty. At least I truly hope not. Maybe he can still do some good. I'm not sure how, but I hope he finds a way to make some things happen. I think he should have reached out more and that is where he fell short. Good Luck to him.

Does anyone think his stance on Gay marriage had anything to do with it?


Aloof. Tone deaf. High yella. Handsome.

Re-read the last paragraph of this article.

Fenty = Obama.

I hope the Washington Post doesn't have cause to write that same paragraph about the president in November 2012.

Derrick from Philly

"Aloof. Tone deaf. High yella. Handsome."

No, no. Not "high yella"--just yella. Harold Ford is high yella, and it didn't do him no good....maybe it's those peculiar tiny tight curls on Harold's head.


Wow... I never knew just school reform alone is all that a mayor need to do to be a good mayor...
SMDH... Budget, public relations, working together with the council, good business ethics, the list goes on! That's why he lost!

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