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15 September 2010



ooh i cannot wait to see this!


WOW I am blown away and I really am feeling this version of the book/play.

Black Pegasus

Where is Madea? :)


for all of the hand-wringing about the adaptation, this looks fascinating. maybe this'll be tp's breakthrough (quality, not quantity)...


The trailer looks great. I do want to see it. Very intense. Hard to believe this is a Tyler Perry project.


I'm sure Tyler had many Creative Directors or consultants. I know he has worked with Reuben Cannon a lot. Tyler is no FOOL and I believe he knows how to assemble a good team to help him with his films. His success is NOT a mistake, he's a hard worker. I hope this film is WONDERFUL success. These are AMAZING actresses you will see in this film. Who else is hiring Black actors and actresses? When was the last time we saw Whoopi or Phylicia in a Motion Picture? I applaud Tyler!

chris w

@Isis. You hit the nail on the head. It is appalling how little work there is for black actors and actresses. The little work that is available typically goes to rappers. Usually I don't watch those Tyler movies(although Madea makes me laugh), but I'll be certain to make a bee line to see this. And, kudos to Tyler who is giving a chance to a lot of very talented artists.


DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Can't wait to see this. I'll be there opening night.

apres moi

I usually wait until a Tyler Perry movies comes out on DVD to watch it but I'm definitely going to see this in the theatre when it debuts. @Isis you're correct. When was the last time you Whoopi, Loretta, and Pyylicia in the same movie at once? As well as Janet Jackson, whom I'm happy to see has come back to her roots as an actress? Perhaps it was the death of her brother that made her realize that life is too short and music can take a backseat to show the world your true self and emotions. Perhaps acting is very therapeutic to her and Tyler Perry lets her show that to the world without having to obey a bunch of music execs forcing her to smile to sell records and throw a tour.

I'm starting to think that Tyler Perry's taking his cues from Robin Williams when it comes to first attracting an audience with stupid slap-stick comedy to keep them coming back for more serious dramas. If this is indeed a well-directed and produced movie, I'd like to see him take a stab at a Shakespeare tragedy with a cast comprised of nothing but talented POC. Perhaps another remake of Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, Antony and Cleopatra, or even King Lear.


Looks good. Unlike most here, I'm unfamiliar with the source material so I will judge the film on its own merits. As Isis said, it's a damn shame how little work there is for black actresses in Hollywood. Look at all that underused-talent on the screen, but Jennifer Aniston can put out another piece of box-office poison ever six months.


My people I have only seen one tyler perry movie and that was madea goes to jail. I have never heard of or read this book before. But based off of this trailer i want to see this damn movie like its a summer blockbuster! WE HAVE TO SUPPORT HIM ON THIS! not because of tyler, but because we need to support our SERIOUS black actors/ress' and show them black people want to see these types of films! show up opening weekend. I hope its good enough to at least get a few oscar nods!


He had me with the music, wow so powerful and I am so proud of Janet and how she is letting all her talents show like lil Penny on Good Times. We have so much eye candy in this film as well. I hope Tyler does his thing and not that he need the Oscars, I would not be mad if a couple nominations come this film's way!!! I will be in the cinema on Nov. 5th!!


It looks like the best work he's ever done. Which depending on how you feel about his work either says a lot or not much.

Honut Sinti

Got me hooked.

I love the lines:

"...Well, I guess this is goodbye...Yeah, like you've never seen before..."


I am anticipating seeing this movie!


I can't wait to see this myself!

The play is outstanding and I've seen it performed MANY times over the years...

I think this will be an amazing film with the entire CAST getting nominations of SOME KIND during awards season (my prediction)

the only gripe I have about this is Tessa Thompson--she is IN the movie and is one of the women (Lady in Purple--I won't spoil her story for those of you who aren't familiar with the play) and is *VERY* pivotal in TWO of the other characters journeys in this film (Whoopi Goldberg-Lady in White and Thandie Newton-Lady in Orange)

I didn't get *WHY* she didn't get her own one sheet/poster for the movie...

but I will be in line November 5th...AND I'm buying copies of the play for my mom and sister for them to read before they see it also!

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