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09 September 2010



It's for colored girls...but who is the white woman in the poster?


@ seahawk...you got jokes!


Agreed. The new Michael??? She's so hot and it looks nothing like her.


The haters come out early!
Werk Janet WERK!


its going to be horrible. I dont like that queen (old photoshopped Janet and Tyler Perry). I shudder at its potential terribleness

Honut Sinti

The spirit and visage of Michael live on.

Ten in My Timbz

I'm a Janet fan but really?
Green contacts and heavy duty photoshop?

I guess Kobe Bryant was the technical advisor on this shoot...


I don't blame Janet or Tyler! I Blame to re-toucher! This is clearly too much lighting for Janet and photoshop.

I still hope the film is Good though. Please Lord don't let it be a mess.

....and the contacts are clearly for the role. It must have some kind a significance to the character.


Good lord. The things some people choose to focus on.

I hope this film is amazing. I can't wait to see it.


Only poor women have to look black.


I really hope he doesn't ruin this remarkable (and historical) work of at with his usual mediocre directing and save-a-dollar production values. It would be SUCH a shame. Ntozake Shange deserves better.


Lol. Oh, Tyler...


Can we not condemn it before even seeing a damn trailer?


I hope that this will be the beginning of a new direction for Tyler as a producer/director toward substantive material. I look forward to the film as it may open doors for other cinematic displays of the black experience including LGBT topics in the mainstream if it is successful. We really should direct our energies there instead of what is or isn't photoshopped...


I agree with Keith.

I love FOR COLORED GIRLS and Janet, as The Lady in Red, who is my favorite, could be stunning. She's the angriest and perhaps the most broken, and this photo shows a woman in struggle, trying to hide herself.

We, as black folks, and gay folks ESPECIALLY, are NOT about to go in over contacts and lighting, are we? I know we are not about to tear someone down because of the ways that they are presenting themselves when we have done some pretty drastic, fantastic things to be seen.

Colored contacts and black folks will ALWAYS be a bone of contention but we KNOW that Janet DOES NOT wear them, but THE LADY IN RED does and JJ is acting.

This choreopoem by Ntozake Shange IS EPIC and it is in Tyler's hands and I pray that he respects it, projects it and directs it like the classic that it is. It could make him into a new director (which he has indeed shown glimmers of in THE FAMILY THAT PREYS and the first WHY DID I GET MARRIED?)

I just hope beyond hope that this is really great. When it was done on PBS in the 1970s, I was a little gay boy glued to the TV, wowed by these women and their ridiculously amazing stories.

I wish that for this project. I hope for it to be amazing and that Shange's work is revered and respected for the brilliance in the words and that even in the updated, modernized, dramatized version, the words will ring the loudest.

Mystic Stranger

I agree with Keith. If done right, this could mean TP is turning a corner. And I can't wait to see Janet.


The reality is, what we are presented with here is just a picture, and since no one has seen the movie, all we can react to is the pic.
At best, the pic looks interesting. At worst, it's an abomination: fake eyes, fake hair, lightened skin, reconstructed nose, lips & face.
In the original old school poster, the woman was dark in a Nina Simone way. Check it out. Why oh why are black folks suckers for success?
Isn't it worth discussion - the fact that Janet & her brother needed to become white? The fact that this movie is whitewashed in order to sell?

Cocoa Rican

Yeah..yeah, so like how many minutes into this flick before Madea appears to tear every one a new one? You have to love Tyler's ability to do sanctioned drag.

Cocoa Rican

And why all the smoke and mirror cosmetic work? Why not just hire Nicole Ari Parker from the Soul Food series? They would've saved a ton of time and money since she already looks like the poster naturally.

Black Pegasus

Madea should've been on the promo poster. Her Fashion sense, Glamour and Class are legendary. :)


I love Janet and she is one of the top ten music artist ever and she is a stunning actress her last acting role play must has an Oscar nomination!!!! Haters are ingnorants you can go and DIE!!! I hope Janet sings one of the original songs of the soundtrack!!!


OK I know we have not seen the movie yet but there are books and an old DVD plus Broadway that gives us insight on the soon to released film. Before we hate it down let's do some background checks and educate oursleves first. We are so quick to judge but never take the time out to understand it. And to ALL of those who keep comparing Janet and Micheal....well they are from the same womb!


That's "Michael" while I was going in on folks kinda got caught up and did not proof read.


OMG, I love For Colored Girls. And I love all of the names that will make up this powerful cast. I can't wait to see how this turns out.


seriously, do you people prefer mentally challenged...or just plain ignorant??? so many haters...so little time. PEOPLE THIS IS A MOVIE!!!! the "airbrush" is how most theatrical one sheets(posters) are produced. janet is playing a character...the character has green eyes. NONE OF YOU HAVE SEEN IT...so how dare you pass judgments on something you haven't seen. STOP HATIN and get yourself some business!!!!! DO IT JANET AND TYLER!!!! many blessings to this film and all involved. apparently, the movie must be good...LIONSGATE chose it to be their award competitor for the season....HELLUR!!!!!

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