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09 September 2010



WOW...With some of these comments you kids would fit right in with Towleroad, Queerty crowd....SMDH!

True Words

I do not care for Tyler Perry or Janet...here are some movies that you should check out and get away from these crappy movies!

1. Ballast

2. American Violet


Thanks, True Words, for the recommendations.


So the poster is the problem? OKAY THEN...


I think Janet is posing as the Character with the green eyes! Geesh!


Ok. Yall really need to stop...once again. If it was a movie about some man with 5 baby momma's showing his bear chest and having baby momma drama. Then it is a "must see". I am sick and tired of us as a community of color (black or africian-american,latina, latino) looking for reasons to hate. Be happy that he is showing another perspective of who we are as a race and not just booty jumpers who love money.
Oddly enough I am suprised at some of the comments, because all of us should know how it feels to be judged for no reason at all, expecially when we are doing our absolute best. I'm gay too and I try to show the outside world that we are more than finger poppers who can "read". But if all you want to do is find fault, then don't go see the movive....get it on bootleg from "kool-aid and dem" at the barber shop. I will support black art, black film,black businesses and black artists. Stop the hate and love one another. You may not like Mr. Perry, Mr. Lee, Mr. Fuqua or any other black film director, but give the movie a chance before making judgements...remember, someone is making judgements on you and don't even know you or your "story".

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