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20 September 2010



The conservative nature of this country is the cause of foolishness like this. Americans can be so close-minded about things they don't understand and don't try to understand. What happened to basic respect? The tea party has their movement. I think that it's time for ALL gays and supporters to come together and form a more liberal movement and take the rights and protections that we deserve. This is getting out of hand and it seems like we're sitting a watching it unfold instead of taking real action.


That sounds like a stunt. Were you just trying to get out of your lease?


How can they get a key to his apartment??? Something is not right somewhere...


Sounds like management or the complex super has a hand in this,..what's wrong with changing the locks, getting a deadbolt, and a baseball bat?

That's what I would do rather than run, but everyone has their limits and only this man can judge how unsafe they are making him feel, sometimes a bat may not be enough to stop people's hatred.

Me? I'd be on some Antoine Dodson whoop yo @ss tip. Matter fact lemme go download his song on itunes now LOL.

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