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07 September 2010



Where is the muslim's respect for others? I do not think what the pastor is inciting is right but he is just responding to stupidity with stupidity.

For many years, Muslims have burned the American flag, burned bibles, etc. and now when the shoe is on the other foot, now its a problem.

When we all learn how to mutually respect others, we will finally be able to get past these old dogmatic hatereds there are.


sorry for the typos-LOL!


You gotta hand it to Fox News. On one side, they incite hatred of Muslims to the point where a right-wing American pastor is making a public show of burning copies of the Qur’an. They claim Obama is pro-Muslim, with some of them even claiming Obama is Muslim himself, so naturally their “patriotic” viewers will hate Obama, too.

On the other side, now the Afghans want to kill Obama because he is president of the nation that harbors this anti-Muslim pastor, a man who hates Obama.

Yes, the folks who bankroll Fox News win on both sides. The more conflict their lies cause, the more they profit.

Are we sure Glenn Beck didn’t organize this rally in Kabul?

Cocoa Rican

Crazy that religion is still the #1 cause for wars, hatred and bigotry. You would think that the belief in a higher power (God) - whatever your religion - would hold that hating your fellow man and ending life would go against any/all religion.

Since NO ONE in current day has come back from the dead and proven what after life (if any) is true and real, let's stick to life and the living here. Love your fellow man. Let's add a universal commandment of "Love thy fellow man like the afterlife you believe in depends on it."


You said it Cocoa! Let's live in the moment and love others in the present.

A good friend who turned me on to Nichiren Buddhism said the same thing about religion. Any religion or religious practitioner that is more concerned with dogma and hatred instead of the happiness of people is only serving itself. Peace and love should not be abstract concepts, but the foundation of what religion/spirituality should put into action.


What's funny is that the Pastor and the religious nuts in Afghanistan are two sides of the same coin, but neither can recognize this. It's also interesting to note the dead silence of the Republican party on this issue. All of a sudden, General Patreus doesn't know anything and damn the troops if Anti-Muslim bigotry and help the GOP in November.

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