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08 September 2010



Love it and love Darryl, thanks you!


congrats darryl

True Words

I think it is average to poor at best but the effort can not be denied...


Nothing about Darryl Stephens is "average"! I like the fact that he is branching out. You go Darryl!


What True Words said.
I'd like to hear more of his range and more expression, but it's a good effort. The lyrics are very thoughtful.


i'm not a big fan of the music the kids are producing today. but i find this catchy and might consider purchasing.


I like it Darryl. Very talented young man. I'd rather support a talented openly gay man than these gay baiting rappers and thugs.

alicia banks

wow rod!

u rock!

i love it...he is gorgeous and so is his voice!



@Jaysin, I AM WITH YOU!

I would rather support a wonderful, talented openly gay brother than just buy the crap of the day and music that insults my intelligence, and in the case of hip-hop, often insults my orientation!

A Black Gay Man singing love songs, out. WOW. A beautiful man singing beautiful lyrics (and with those lips!?...MY MY MY).

Would that I were still at BET. I would book him on something!


Love the lyrics and nice voice. Darryl good job man.

Taylor Siluwé

I love it!

The song is beautiful. More importantly, its from a brother who I'll support no matter what he does.

Go Darryl!


As was stated above, I'm not all that moved by the song itself or Mr. Stephens' voice. "Envious Moon" is a smidgen prosaic, and I wouldn't at all characterize it as soulful.


TheRevKev hit it on the head with his comment! To have an out black, gay man singing love songs about his experiences is something to be WOW'd by and encourage (and them lips don't hurt either lol). We just don't have any relatable artists out there who are us singing for us. In that spirit, GO DARRYL!

A single song can be fixed or even ignored...but what he's representing right now is wonderful progress.


Wow....this is awesome. Hidden talents. Love it!

Cocoa Rican

When are they dropping the 8-track?
...but seriously, love Darryl! Go boy!


like the song, but it sounds like a "toni braxton type" to me...and that's a good thang!

it's cool that he wants to show off his other talents.

"do dat den!"


I like where it's trying to go. It sounds very raw and unpolished, but some studio help and refinement can fix it up. He needs a better microphone too. Overall, he and the song have potential. I would be more than happy to $upport him as a musician.

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