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29 September 2010


Nathan James

It is my most devout hope that Rawlings, Flythe, and Hollis are tormented by the spirit of Parrish all the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, the idea that gays deserve death is not limited to leaders of street gangs. That same imprecation has come out of the mouths of those who lead our churches.

Black Pegasus

What Nathan James said!


What I want to happen to these thugs in jail is too brutal for me to type here. So I will just extend my sincere condolences to the Parrish family.

kendrick archie

Just another example of how hate and misunderstanding run rampant in this world!


Glad to let you know of the judicial outcome of this horrible story. So many things about it continue to haunt me


They should be raped repeatedly until their insides fall out.


May this young man rest in peace. The people who ruthlessly murdered him are the true essence of evil. I'm disgusted at the fact that such malicious and devilish people were born.


The one who ordered him killed is GAY for sure ia la Eddie Long. Eddie is not ordering GAYS to be killed but when you march against them you don't know what an extremist mind will concoct.

Don in NYC

As someone who grew up in the Silver Spring, MD area I'm appalled at the brutality of this crime. At the same time, I am satisfied that the court has issued the appropriate sentence but feel for this young mans' relatives.

I do have a feeling this man will "get his" in prison. After all, if he's the leader of a gang called the "92 Family Swans" and that's the most intimidating name he could create, he must have the words CLOSET CASE inscribed across his forehead in invisible ink!


What everyone else said...plus, I'm glad that just was served in this instance. So many times it's not. Small victories....


While I am heartened by the verdict here, I cannot help but to keep in mind that the victim was also a gang member and might have wreaked havoc on others in his surroundings through his gang affiliations. It is a sad situation all around with no winners.


Nathan James, before I saw this article, I wrote a blog on Facebook about the church's part in this kind of thinking and behavior.

Your point is well written, and I fully agree!

As for him getting his "Just Due" in prison, if he has not gotten it yet, once they find out what he's in there for, he will show emotions he didn't show at the trial, but not the way he would want to...

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