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02 September 2010



dayumn that mofo so is ugly but he is packing ... lol


Well if it was when he was in college, the NFL should just stay out of it.


LOL. Hum cute. he aint packing much but its a cute video

Greg G

>>>Spikes received notoriety last fall when as a Florida Gator he gouged the eyes of Georgia Bulldog Washaun Ealey. Spikes' agent Terry Watson says the sexually explicit video was apparently made when Spikes was in college.

The NFL and Patriots have every right to investigate and fine Spikes. Spikes is a loose cannon and an embarassment. He was at one of the nations top football programs, groomed for the pro league and gouged the eyes of another player. And made a sex tape for random people to see? What a loser.

It reflects on the game and the team. And we dont know for a fact that he made the tape a few years ago. That's what his agent claims. If I recall correctly, Spikes even denied the eye-gouging and that was on video too.


oooh trade


He's not really that attractive so the video was boring to me. What's up with all the brothers and the kim kardashian clones? lol


Yeah, Not cute at all,but most guys just care about dick anyway. I can't get too excited about this one way or the other. The NFL is so full of sh*t. This reflects badly on the NFL? Please! This reflects truthfully on the NFL.

It was okay to overlook the eye goughing, but not this? Hilarity!


"...he ain't packing much..."

really blk..? I thought it was quite a piece, but hey blk bring on the black redwoods then, dam-yum!

Former COGIC

"It was okay to overlook the eye goughing, but not this?"

Very good point.

Black Pegasus

Boy I tell ya! America is a nation of puritan hypocrites!

We are a bunch of prudes when it comes to Sex. Other countries wouldn't have even winked at a video such as this, but this young man may lose millions because of it...

I'm in favor of any athlete who wants to get naked and turn the camera on...lol

*Lick Lick*


He ain't packin much??? If thats too small for a mouth or a rectum.....nevermind!


He did the eye gouging in college, so the NFL did not have the right to penalize him...that was up to the NCAA.

I guess they could have not drafted him as punishment, but the Patriots have a reputation of taking players who have had attitude issues and turning them into model citizens....Look at Corey Dillon and Randy Moss. They probably thought that they could turn him around.

Regarding the video, what you do after hours is your own business. If the NFL is going to investigate Spikes, they should also investigate some of the coaches and owners and start passing out fines for what they are doing in their bedrooms.


Also, he is not fine, but he has sex appeal...He would not be my first choice, but he would be one of my choices....Nice thick body and nice Dick...I will take it.

BTW, I hate Florida.....Roll Tide!!!!!


I thought all NFLers were ugly mofos. Kept wanting to say to the cameraman: "Move to the f*ing left, ass" and to "Kim" "B**ch, move out the frame please".

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