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04 September 2010



that verse is from 'Go Hard,' not 'Still I Rise...'

but a cute post nonetheless


I can't get with Nicki! I think its nice to have a Famale MC gettin some of the the limelight, but I'm not with this barbie image she is pushing. I wouldn't want my daughter getting butt implants and wanting to be like "Barbie"! Just my opinion yall!


Hip hop is dead and full of sh!t! If you believe they'll ever support an openly gay male mc you are just as brain dead as the folks that believed in east v.s. left coast wasn't manufactured by record companies. It's called marketing folks!


Lil Kim is the Queen of Rap and the Queen of Gays. nicki denies her sexuality just like the male rappers do. aa la lil wayne, birdman, diddy and so on and so on

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Wow I am delighted to find it. Thanks for sharing

Rodney B

Mmm ...i would have to say MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott are the gayest female rap MC's. But we all know they are denying they are lesbian. LOL

Rod Mc

Thanks, MsTeareus!
Cute Tweets and blog, btw ;)

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