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20 September 2010



This is very good news for Hawai‘i. In more good news:

1. Openly gay Majority Leader in the Hawai‘i House of Representative Blake Oshiro, who authored HB444, the Civil Unions Bill, defeated his very homophobic Democratic primary opponent, City Councilman Gary Okino, who ran on a right-wing “Christian” platform.

2. Kim Coco Iwamoto, who four years ago won a seat on the statewide Board of Education in Hawai‘i, after which the national press revealed that she was transgendered (the local press had never mentioned it before the election), easily won re-election to the Board of Education yesterday.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/11/Kim_Coco_Iwamoto.jpg />


Go Hawaii!!!!!

Derrick from Philly

Thanks for the info, Jim. Good news for Hawaii...maybe more enlightened than Massachusetts--and with a lot more sunshine!

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