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23 September 2010



Rod, you have been posting some great stuff. Do you know why in the first two lawsuits the names of the other church associates who allegedly knew about the sex were blacked out - while in the new Jamal Parris documents, they are in full view (ie Andrew Momon, Antonio Render, April McGlaughlin)?


OMG! Rod, you are amazing. I have to admit my guilt. I've been laughing and snickering at the hypocrisy of Eddie Long's phony career but upon reading Jamal Paris's documents, it zaps me back into reality. Jamal was 14 years old? Eddie Long is now officially a child molester if the allegations are true. I wonder what the statute of limitations are in the state of Georgia for molestation?

Keep up the good work!!!!


Okay gotta go "there," but no mention of whether Bish tops or bottoms.... keep us posted!


Yeah, I am surprised that they didn't redact his address and the names of the other parties to the case, but I suppose since it is in the public record, it shouldn't matter.


Wow, Rod, thanks for this. The partner and I have been discussing this non-stop. I thought that the young men were of legal age when they had relationships with Long, so I thought we were only dealing with hypocrisy. But Harris was 14??? Really! And I would LOVE to know which Scriptures the "anti-gay" Long used to justify man-to-man sex! Remind me of the Scripture: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees! You would place a burden upon your people that you yourself cannot carry! I'm just saying...

chris w

In cases like this, does the victim sue and bring charges against the church, the alleged perpetrator or both?

Taylor Siluwé

Eddie Long is a douche. We always knew.

But according to this document, Jamal began one on one contact with Long in 2004 & 5 when he was at least 17. So it seems to me that although Long already had his sights set on the young man, he didn't engage in any acts with him until he crossed that legal age of consent threshold - which in Georgia is, I believe, sixteen.

Still, its clear to me that he grooms these younglings until they reach that age and then he pounces using his position to take control of their minds and then their bodies.

How many times have we heard this story about a cult, sect, mega-church where the pastor/bishop/prophet is later exposed to have to been diddling all the members (even the kids)?

This case just keeps getting deeper. My hope is that it will wake people up to the motives behind all of these ANTI-GAY preachers and all those who use religion to fleece the faithful -- while satisfying their own prurient needs all in the name of the Lord.

Let's hope the truth behind all those who KNEW this was going on becomes known, and that they all are sued into the poorhouse.

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