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22 September 2010



" (3) when the young men "attempt to find girlfriends or engage in sexual contact with females ... Long attempts to block these relationships.""

LOL!!!... Don't f**k with the Royal Harem!...

Seriously, though...this entire unfolding fiasco is HUGE!... Nothiing delights me more than seeing religious, homo-hatin', holier-than-thou hypocrites get exposed for the self-loathing cowards that they are...!

Chickens. Home. Roost. (or in Long's case "Pooch")

Former Atlantan

As a former resident of Atlanta I remember "rumors" of this type shortly after Eddie Long started New Birth. I went to hear him a couple of times and I just did not feel "right" about him. My intuition told me that was not the place for me, now I know why. I am so sorry for the members of New Birth, the young men in the Academy etc., But know that we are in the "last days" and God has to expose these phonies. God told us that "narrow is the road" and "few" will be those true Christians traveling it. Don't be discouraged all of this has been foretold!


With all of this going on, his church staff must of known what was really going on and turned a blind eye to it all. It's a damn shame. How interesting that all his victims are in the mid to late teens. His fetish are young, hung, black teens who crave a father figure and a role model in their young lives.

Honut Sinti

I tell ya, the do, dirt, and drama!

Why did it take so "Long" (pun intended)for the puddin' to hit the fan?

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