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24 September 2010



Imma let the HEELARIOUS Cadillac Kimberly speak for me:



Yeah, I saw that yesterday. She is hysterical. Had me in tears with laughter.

Aunt Esther

Taking the church-goer's hard earned money....God should smack you up-side your head. ED!


I’m beginning to think it would just be easier if we counted the young men in Atlanta whom Bishop Long did NOT have sex with.

Then, maybe—if, indeed, there are any such men—they could sue Bishop Long for discrimination.


The truth was clocked 2 years ago on a BGC thread!Can the church queens defending this man please wake up now! You just can't make up this stuff!


Jamel Smith

Thank you, Tiamaria


Thank you auntie maria :)

And look at all the fools on the thread jumping to defend the Bishop (and if I hear that "touch not my anointed" mess one more time) and the fool bragging about working with Bernice King. I swear I talk to my non-black gay friends and they don't deal with this same degree of mindless traditional religiosity in their circles. I am envious sometimes.


dfs, You are not the only one. I can't stand that phrase "touch not my anointed". First of all, Eddie Long is NOT anointed. He is a HUMAN BEING just like the rest of us. He is no more special than the man living out of the street digging garbage cans. We are ALL GOD's CHILDREN.


That is actually scripture, Touch not thy annointed, do thy profit no harm!!! Now, I'm not saying he is right about anything, but anyone of us can be annointed if JESUS has annointed us!!! Please don't give Eddie Long any Kudos, you are right he is just a human being like the rest of us, and if he don't REPENT, he will go to hell just like any of us that don't. This is a complete mess, he should be ashamed of himself. But, when you think your bigger than life itself, you do anything you think your big and bad enough to do. The enemy of our souls is treacherous, it will set us up and when we fall, we fall big time. That is why man shouldn't boast and brag about how wonderful they are, because without JESUS, we are filthy rags, and good for nothing. It is because of his grace and mercy that we are here and clothed in our right minds. I hope this is a lesson learned to everyone that thinks they are the bomb, when you are detinated it ends bad for you!!! His boys were like Monica Lewinsky, they saved those pictures like she saved that dress. LOL!!!!!!!!!!


This guy is such a phony. I'm so glad I don't fall for this BS from people like Jakes, Creflo and this creep.

Steve B.

What I'd love to know is what this kid's parent(s)--and those of the other boys/young men-- were thinking and/or doing while their child is being given cars, flown all over the globe, and being put up in apartments, etc.


"I swear I talk to my non-black gay friends and they don't deal with this same degree of mindless traditional religiosity in their circles."

Have you ever dated a white preacher's kid in the South? Check the ethnic breakdown of Focus on the Family or the Family Research Council. And consider for a moment who started the Reparative Therapy nonsense.

People of color are not suffering alone, sweetheart.



I never said we were suffering alone. I said "to the same degree". White preacher's kid in the south is not what I come in contact with, in an urban non-southern environment. Again, in my experience and among my peers the religion-gay issues is more pronounced among blacks.


Steve B. wonders: “What I’d love to know is what this kid’s parent(s)—and those of the other boys/young men—were thinking and/or doing while their child is being given cars, flown all over the globe, and being put up in apartments, etc.”

They were probably hoping and praying that Bishop Long (aka Jesus’ representative on Earth) would bequeath some of the same “prosperity” to them, too.

Just think of New Birth as a giant lottery: The parishioners buy the lottery tickets through the collection plate, and if your son is young and sexable enough, the man who runs the lottery may chose your son to win (after taking his 95% cut, of course).


LOL I read some of it and you gotta admit it's pretty funny "Dry Humping" lol so if your str8 and somebody tries to dry hump you, you move into their apartment and let them keep doing it?

I don't feel the least bit sorry for Long but some of these boys are bullshitting. Long may have had an influence on them but I doubt they received "Emotional Stress and Psychical Adverse effects" from living in a rent free mansion, driving cars and getting money. These boys were old enough to know whether or not they wanted a dick waved in their face. So I find it hard to believe he "Tricked them" into sucking a dick. We aren't talking about 5 year olds here.. One of them was 18 I think, they knew what the deal was. I feel bad for them but I can't help but think they shoulda known better.

Greg G

>>>These boys were old enough to know whether or not they wanted a dick waved in their face.

You sound ghetto, silly and ridiculous. This is not a rape allegation, hon, but about manipulation and influence. Sure there were over 16 and the age of consent but they were MINORS. Eddie Long is twice their age and extremely powerful. Who knows what happened if they didnt put out. Maybe EL was paying their college tuition or mother's mortgage. Would that stop if they said no? What if they were pressured?

Then there are hundreds of other questions about how legal was it for a pastor to give church money to his boytoys. Oh and the biggest issue is that assume this is true ... aren't you concerned or angry that a powerful preacher who has railed against gays is secretly gay? That's the 'bullshyt' right there, hon.

So the teenagers 'should have known better' and you say nothing about the antigay pastor who pressured them and gave drugs to a teen? You sound like a typical black church queen defending your hypocritical pastor


@Greg G....Break it down hon!


@ Greg G

I Don't like the church and as I said before I don't care for Long and I hope he gets what's coming to him. That said everybody knows nothing in life is free.. if somebody is giving you all this stuff at what point are you going to think something is up? Why wait until after he wants to take the stuff back to file the report? In one claim it said he drugged and had sex with him. A week later he moves into his mansion! Im just saying!!

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