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24 September 2010


Nathan James

"at least two other cases are being prepared..."

Yet people still defend this man who has done so much to promote anti-gay hatred. Long used his pulpit to sermonize against us, and against himself, most of all. It's a sorry, sad shame his parishioners don't seem to have eyes to see what is going on right in front of them.

Derrick from Philly

Move out the way, Tiger.

Son of Baldwin

Tell the story, Rod!


@ Derrick from Philly.. amen- at least Tiger was with consenting adults capable of making such decisions.


Is it wrong that I am enjoying watching this man fall?

I do pray for the children involved, though.


Can someone explain to me WHY Eddie would encourage the boys not to have girlfriends? Wouldn't that have made it even more obvious since he had these boys work for him at the church? Single black young boys working at New Birth and none of them are interested in women? Was he turning New Birth into a gay bathhouse????


Those boys are all telling lies. eddie was building a basketball team and saving them from going down on the wrong meat...( I mean fish)


Rod, can't wait for you to get the documents on the new lawsuit. The details are always more shocking than what we are hearing in the news.


This is really sad...It means that we need to have more dialogue in the African American community...it's a shame that these pastors and politicians lead these anti-gay platforms and crusades and get caught with their pants down.

Black Pegasus

WoW! a 4th guy has emerged?

SMH..Looks like "Eddie Longs for Cock" after all..Tisk Tisk LOL


Oh okay so people have nothing better than to gossip or talk, there are other things more important that this. Why is it always hate and then you all talk about you are Saved. If this is the god you sever then I don't want that one. I can see why others people run to other faiths. You got women Bishops and to much crap in the church. I'm glad I don't go to church and if I was in your church I would be lost.

Learn to pray if you all do it and be quite. If we want rights then instead of bashing then why not be the real church people and live by the bible....Yet if you can:

Nevets Nonnac


We go through enough to survive in this society as African American men, and to have a tired-assed "minister" exploit these young men makes me wanna bust his head and think about heaven later.

 Kevin Perez

Oh, give me a break. Maybe the Black "community" doesn't need dialogue, but needs to get its head out of its ass. It's more or less the same with the Latino community..... Tt's not the lack of dialouge, it's just they don't effin' care enough and would rather live in their delusional world of denial.

A Coleman

Congregations need to hold their clergy responsible.
I left my church and choir (in protest) against a homophobic pastor (with 2 gay sons, one of whom was his minister of music), and after repeated pleas from the choir to soften his stance, which he refused to do, the choir disbanded, and forced him into early retirement.

Joey Bahamas

Where's Laverne? I need a chuckle...where you at Gur!?

Chitown Kev

Keep it coming Rod, just keep it coming.


Ba da ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it!

Brandon T

Weeeeee fell down into each other's laps! LOL I'll bet that'll be Bishop Eddie Long's new theme! I'm just tired of hearing about how this man did these young men wrong. I'm tired of how black people are bashing homosexuality. When will the calamity end? I guess it'll end when I find the little red button that leads to a nuclear bomb. I'm like ready to blow this place up and start anew with a new way to live: hands clean and respectful.

Black Pegasus

MediaFakeOut is reporting that there may be a possible Sex Tape recorded on a cell phone..They claim one of the victims has it in his possession...

Lawd! LOL


Totally unsubstantiated rumor has that he will be resigning from his post tomorrow. Pop champagne...

Mango Lucy

I feel for the children who were molested. Eddie Long is not a nice guy and needs to be held accountable.

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