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30 September 2010


Mike D

I believe the resentment and harrassment charges by the cops concerning Chi Chiz. There are a few 'white' bars that dot Christopher St., but I doubt they are targeted for drugs as heavily. Its' really a shame, because if anybody's actualy gone there, they would know Chi Chiz is just a bar where Blk dudes (and those that want them)go to see, be seen, cruise, play Spades and chat - just like any other bar on the 'strip'. I used to go when the Eagle and such were (?) in the area. If there wasn't massive amounts of drug deals going on there - I don't know what to say....
This is the same type of harrassment that used (?) to happen on the Piers - pre and post renovation. The people down there only want us around for a few thangs. Once the 'noveltly' of that wears off - apparently we should go back to where we came from...SMH


It seems so obvious that this is a set-up. I just hope the patrons and owners don't roll over and play dead and instead fight the city tooth and nail against this sham.


What you call liquor license being revoked, I hear $hakedown.


“...a different business model.”

That’s a new code word for “white.”


@Jim: You are exactly right. That is the new code for turning any minority establishment into a white establishment. Just like saying an minority applicant doesn't have the correct degree, when a white a white applicant has no degree.

One has to always listen to what is not being said. The between the lines conversation is astonding. I worked as a professor in large white university for 18 years, and the things the academicians said who make any klansman pround.

Of course the klansman would have to be well educated to understand the words used ( and these klans type people are indeed in higher education), but the way people speak about equlity for all (meaning no more affimative action or any program to level the playing field). This talk about we know have a black president and how there is no more racism because of it. People are crazy.

If Chi Chi's only sold soda I would go just to support them and let them know I know the racist deal that's going down.

What drug dealer would drag a sale two blocks elsewhere to complete a deal. Especially if they could lose the deal? It's so illogical on sooo many levels.


Been going to Chi Chiz for years, and have never encountered such as testified here. Can't help believing the worst -- it's sheer racism. How sad.

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