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22 September 2010



How much you wanna bet that he passes around the collection plate to help fight "the demons of Satan" and then uses said funds to quietly pay off the complainants? The question will be whether the victims can be bought off or are they determined to take him down.


Yoo-hoo the pudding is ready...dessert anyone!!

Live children I feel the ATL is sweatin w/remix of "I Get Lifted"


so many people have drunk the koolaid...

Hes going down and I couldnt be happier... pass the popcorn

cant wait for TD jakes, Donnie mcCurkin etc

Kevin Perez

"This is not for the gays to get happy"

Actually, it is a perfect time to get very happy. The downfall of is the man is well deserved. You, the church queens and the sister brigade want to portray him as some victim, so you depend on the tired old "he's just another human being with flaws, like you and me" meme and get all self-rightous about judgement, putting one a pedastal, name-calling you know, doing the very things you fools do LGBTs all the time. Giving the hatred, animousity, and demonization of gay men, especially in communities of color or society in general, it's perfectly fitting. It's amusing that when hypocrasy comes into light, you stupid losers want to pounce on US about "judging" and "mistreatment". Did Eddie tell you to come along and defend his title.

This man isn't a victim. Think of those LGBTs who suffered spiritual rape by the hands of folks like this, being told that they're an abomination, that they're worse than babby daddies/baby mamas with their out of wed-lock kids, thugs, gang bang bangers, and what not. What's more sick is that it's the usualy the same suspects posting here the same tired crap when it comes to the Black Church or Religion.

I bet none of you check the posts pertaining to hate crimes commited against Black LGBTs, the continuing discrimination by religious instituions, the demonization by "the community", the genocide in Africa and violence in the West Indies and etc.... You're just selective is all.


Dame they preaching against female sitting on the front row in tight clothing for yesrs. Tell me why that double standard was not questioned for the Eddie Long.


Well, regardless of what some of you say,I am gonna judge him (thank goodness, I'm not religious). He's already judged each and every one of us on this blog. I don't believe in crap like we all are weak, and money makes people do such things... BS!! This guy knows what he's doing, likes what he's doing, and laughing at his congregation and self-hating blk gays all the way to the bank. He's a hypocritical low-life pure and simple. If claiming I'm a christian doesn't allow me to see that, I don't want to be one.


Why does christians in the black church follow there pastor to the mountain top like they can do no wrong. when revelation is being revealed to them. I understand as people we have to forgive, and cool to do so. but what is done in the dark will be brough to light, if it is in the light, then it was done in the dark. The word dont lie.

Chitown Kev


The picture in that red t-shirt, I assume you mean, among others?

I have to admit that while I usually don't go for the type of build that Pastor Long (lol) has, yeah, I'd do him in a minute; he is a cutie.


Gurl, how can you see all that flesh when he's blinged out this world in pulpit.

You been looking at some phone pics too? Hmmmmmm...

Eric Robinson

Why are we all shocked!?!! This will not be the first nor the last time, that a Gay-bashing,homophobic,self hating,Faggot has been standing in front of a congregation spewing hate disguised as preaching the gospel.(Sorry about using the word faggot, no offense to my fellow Gay,Bisexual,Transgendered brother or sister on here,but its the strongest word i could use!). I am sick of all these so called 'Family Value persona's being caught up in sexual transgressions.(from Sen Craig, to RNC Chair Ken Melman,who along with Karl Rove demonized gay people as the scourge of all that is wrong with America, let alone the world, to Catholic Priest, to now a Prominent Bishop who from Monday to Sunday , say were not fit to wear OUR country's Uniform, or Get Married or Adopt Children, because were SO unfit. Makes me Sick to my stomach. The Hate spewing, Not loving there fellow Man or woman because of the orientation of there lives. I am hoping the bishop is Innocent, not because i feel sorry for him, but for the thousand of followers who have been following this Shepard only to realize his feet is of clay like all of use. He has his on cross to bear. Hopefully in the future he remembers this lesson!!!


I got the feeling from the initial press conference that there were three, not two, when the attorney said three young men, and corrected herself. I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I have never been to Atlanta and I have heard of these rumors for years now. It is sad because if he wasn't so virulently homophobic and anti-gay, no-one would really care.

What I don't get is why some people will defend their pastors to the death, even to the detriment of their relationships with their own children! I feel we are all human, no one is perfect and it is only a failing - if you abuse your power and position to have someone do something they don't want to do, while at the same time preaching hellfire and damnation.

I don't see this ending well. I hope that others will come forward and put this predator, if he is proven to be so, away for a good long time.


Bishop Eddi Long
Likes Long
Trade Schlong

Married father of four
Sucks peen and takes them on tour

Pride goes before a fall
Hate and hypocrisy thats all

You are human like us gays
Church wont chang your ways

So leave us the hell alone
and go chew on that bone

Glass houses meet rocks
Like your mouth sucked cocks

Get off that high pulpit
Find a far corner and sit

LOL its funny and ironic
that you fall over dick.

Gurl Boo Bye!



As an Africian-American this sadden me so much about our cultural. How can these members in his congregation sit in church on Sunday and look at this so call religious figure drive up in front of the church and drape in gold jewelry. I certainly believe these three young men and others to follow later with this claim. I hope everyone assaulted file a civil-lawsuit and send this mega-church directly to the poor house.


No matter the outcome of this scandal, one thing that I believe will have to change is the way he dresses. A man of "God" should not be dressing the way he does. Highly inappropriate. It's not different from ladies coming to church in tight fitting clothes.


It was this man on CNN that attends Eddies church that said "eddie loves his beautiful family and wife he would never do that." ...Um HELLO have you ever heard of a little thing called THE DOWNLOW.

But hey fellas you know eddie will silence the boys with a secret pay off to the families. Watch next month from now the boys will say we made it all up while talking to the press in head to toe gucci infront of their million dollar atlanta mansions, all paid for by eddie long.


@ Chitown. Yes, and the one in the biker shorts and track suit. If it weren't for that awful hair and him being a closeted self hating bigot he could be a hot daddy fantasy.

And I agree with everyone saying they have no sympathy for the Bishop if this turns out to be true. It's one thing to be closeted; its another to use your so called "spiritual anointing" to condemn what you are doing. I dont pray but if I did I wouldnt be praying for him

Kevin Perez

"No matter the outcome of this scandal, one thing that I believe will have to change is the way he dresses. A man of "God" should not be dressing the way he does. Highly inappropriate. It's not different from ladies coming to church in tight fitting clothes"

Oh, who cares! Something as stupid as his style of clothes should be the least of his worries when it blows lover. You church fools are pathetic, finding any like tedious, insignificant thing to worry about rather than the big picture.

So far most comments seem are from Bible-thumping bigots, church queens, and annoying religious folks who keep babeling about Eddie Long in their prayers. PLEASE THE HYPOCRASY OF NOT ONLY THE BLACK CHURCH, BUT RELIGION AND JUDO-CHRISTIANITY COME INTO LIGHT ALREADY!


God is Good all of the time!

anthony featherstone

you all need to STOP!!! we have all are sinners and we all come short!!if its so, so what!! it didnt take his annointing away. This man could have fell down on his knees and asked God for forgiveness, and we talking crap about him!! he's forgiven by the blood of JESUS!!! AND TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, WE ALL NEED THE BLOOD!!so instead of running him down, lets pray and ask God to cover him. and if he didnt do it! the ones thats running him down, well there is no excuse for you all. just sad and pitiful.. Im glad God looks out for babies and FOOLS and yall sho aint no babies!!!! all ima do is ask God to provide a covering over he and his family as well as the church.. God Bless You all! Anthony Featherstone, N.C.

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