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22 September 2010



Wow, this will be very interesting. Rod, awesome coverage.

Nathan James

This story is turning into a monster!




I am just praying for the young brothers caught up and out there by this man alleged misuse of power and position.


Eddie Long and New Birth will make the Roman Church scandal with Priest abusing young boys look like childs play -no pun intended. It was only matter of time when all this would come to light about Eddie Long. There have been "rumors" about him for years. I believe The plaintiffs. Trust, more lawsuits will comeforth.


wow, this made my local news here in Texas.

I will continue to reserve judgment until everything airs but, like many on here, i'm not surprised

courtney baker-oliver

Kick ass coverage, Rod! Thanks! xoxo, cbo


I figured something like this would happen. Anyone who goes around screaming against homosexuality and overcompensating with muscle shirts and so forth has a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Jamel Smith

Man, this is HUGE.

Thank you Rod.

Black Pegasus

**sits in the corner eating popcorn and snickering**


Legally speaking, can Eddie serve jail time or is this just a civil lawsuit involving money?

alicia banks

karma is real!!!!

why is bernice king so quiet about her fav tag team homohater bro now???
who has next???...

happy happy joy joy!!!...


pass the popcorn black pegasus....


This is no surprise to any gay person living in Atlanta. He has been running around with young bois at his side since I first meet him in 1993. He has a condo in midtown a block from bulldogs. He is well known to the regulars in the 7th street cruising area.

The sad thing is he is then standing up in church with his hate and rhetoric for his followers.

Honut Sinti

Come to me my "spiritual son" and let me "feel the spirit".


Just keeps going and going! I just don't think these guys would go this far if it wasn't true. This man has a HUGE following and lots of cash. It would take a lot to go up against him and they know this. Prayers to these guys and I hope they get through this.

alicia banks

i will give eddie long ONLY the SAME mercy he and bernice king have given to gays...NONE!!!

this is for dissing coretta's corpse in his pimp palace!!!...bam!!!



Isis, are you referring to the cash he swindles from his followers every Sunday morning? That cash????
I think the legal team has a strong case against him. 3 boys coming forward and saying the same thing. Spiritual sons? Is this guy for real? He buys them cars and other expensive gifts and no one in his congregation is aware of this???? Please!!!!!!

Perfect! They Just Took Your Vote

Remember the TIME! . . . This happened to Michael Jackson as well and then the young man later admitted he fabricated the whole story! Eddie Long has a large following that would probably follow hime to the POLLS in NOVEMBER. . . Not now . . They just took your vote right? Even if it is fake, provide shame and distrust and maybe, just maybe you will not listen to his endorsement during elections.

Special K

God does not like ugly...What happens in the dark will surely come to light. I am not judging pastor Long, and I hope and pray that this is not true, but...If U claim 2 B a man of God and you're not doin the right thing , you will surley fall.God blesses us so that we can b a blessing 2 others,unfortunately greed , money gets the best of us and we lose sight of what we r called 2 do.God eyes r on the righteous and His ears r open 2 their cry..God Bless U Pastor Long

Kevin Perez

Learn to write AND spell before babeling patronizing, psuedo-religous BS. We get enough of that crap. And no, Mr. Long does not deserve any blessings.

georgetta green

My Mother use to tell me, What you do in the dark shall come to light. I hope this is not true for Pastor Eddie Long.


chile they've posted the pics that Bishop supposedly sent the boys. showing off his bod in UnderArmour. I am through!

eric smith

This is not for the gays to get happy


This is a time for us to also pray for Bishop Long and New Birth. I am a struggling person too and find that I am human and this flesh of man does also. Eddie Long is a man flaws and all,and he is certainly innocent until proven guilty. But we shouldn't crucify him either way, we should lift him up in prayer as we do for ourselves and all that we pray


I would so love to be a fly on the wall in the executive offices of this church right now.

While the congregation members—all on drugs—will say things like (1) Bishop Long is being persecuted by his enemies, (2) Satan has targeted him for being a man of the Lord, or (3) he’s just a man of the flesh like anyone else, and we need to be understanding, the folks in the executive suite will be scurrying and conniving like lowly rodents to preserve their power and money, while the empire threatens to collapse all around them.

Bernice King is surely among them.

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