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06 September 2010



My heart goes out to the three and their families and friends.


WOW. This is crazy. What the eff is going on down there? Those children have lost their minds ...


Somebody needs to tell this to Atlanta's black gay posse on Twitter and Facebook. They'll probably hear a few days from now, after their 100th post about Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim and Fantasia.


What the hell is going on at Atlanta pride? This is crazy.

Baltimore Femme

This is a certified mess.

And weren't there shootings at Piedmont park last year?

Chile please ...


Prayers to the families, R.I.P. Calvin and Samuel.

Ten in My Timbz

so sad smh


My condolences to the families and to the Gay community


This is awful. Black pride in Atlanta may boast some a-list talent bookings, but the violence gets worst every year. We can do better people.


This is beyond sad. I really do hope they catch the punk(s) who did this.


It sounds like some are blaming the ATL pride organizers and those that attend. It's not secret when pride is coming to ATL and there are many that are filled with hate toward the LGBTQ community. Let's put the blame where it is, those that hate and need education. Those in a strange city must be careful. We don't know what went on or if they were targeted just because they were gay and nothing ATL Pride could have done about that. My condolences to the victims


Condolences to the families involved and the gay communities.

Former COGIC

This is a horrible situation. I truly feel for the families and hope they catch these awful evil people.

@Rey: No one is "blaming" the ATL black pride organizers. I see none of that. These men were unfortunately killed in their home and no one said ATL black pride could have prevented it. They couldn't have.

I do see a lot of brothas rightly calling attention to the fact that there is a lot of black on black violence and a lot of black gay on black gay violence at these weekends. And we know this is true, just like there is violence across the black community.

As far as a hate crime, I dont see that here. There was no forced entry and they were apparently killed by someone they knew. More than likely it was a robbery, drug related or maybe they were targeted online thru a hookup. I dunno, I hope they find whoever did this.

I'm all for calling out racists and homophobes, and hate crimes, but sometimes our community jumps to that conclusion when the truth is likely to not make us look so good. Again, my sympathies to the friends and families of these young men. But two men shot execution style in separate bedrooms with no forced entry don't sound like a hate crime.


Very sad. And frightening.


This is sad and very disturbing. I don't have much more to say. I think Former COGIC put it well. As usual, you're commentary is on point.


WOW! May these young men rest in peace. It's so very tragic and I hope whoever did this is found and punished to the fullest extent.

Kevin Perez

Why aren't inccidents like this reported on "Black" or "Minority" media? Or better yet, why oh why do we continue to see the lack of concern and crickets chirping when it comes to more serious discussions like this?

Nathan James

How tragically sad. More young gay men of color dead, and I wonder if all three murders are linked. I do know that when we are killed, juries and the general public tend not to take our murders as seriously as those of straight, "socially acceptable" people; the attitude seems to be that as gays and lesbians, our sexuality or activities somehow "provoked" our killings. I can only hope the victims' families find some measure of peace, and justice, as their killers are caught and punished in true proportion to the atrocities they have committed.

As for us, the living in our community, these senseless deaths should be yet another wake-up call to travel with care, and to use caution in who we let into our lives.


Odd that some posts have chosen to paint a broad stroke and place blame on Atlanta's black pride organizers. I don't understand that. The majority of the events in Atlanta are well organized and run. The city recognizes the economic impact of black pride and is pretty supportive of the entire weekend. This story is still developing and we may or may not ever know what happened. If this is the story of a 'hookup' gone wrong, sad to say but such incidents happen everywhere. No matter if you are in Atlanta, Little Rock, Denver, DC, Oakland, Portland, Orlando, or small town USA, folks really need to be careful with whom they invite into their homes and personal space.

Greg G

>>>Odd that some posts have chosen to paint a broad stroke and place blame on Atlanta's black pride organizers.

What COGIC said. No one is "blaming" Atlanta's black pride organizers. The three murders were CONNECTED to the pride weekend, but they were not BECAUSE of pride or its organizers. Absolutely NO ONE said that pride organizers coulds have ran into this man's home and prevented a murder. And you all are pieces of work to pretend that any of us are "blaming" pride.

And we're all aware of black pride's economic impact, but you clogging your ears and saying "lalala" if some of you want to keep pretending the black pride weekends in ATL, DC, NYC have not seen violence.



@ Greg G
Every weekend in ATL, DC, NYC sees violence. Sadly, that comes with living in any city. Crime doesn't take a break whether it's black pride weekend or AIDSwalk weekend, or Easter Sunday weekend. The point is that no matter when and where you are and no matter the situation, brothas need to be careful and protect themselves. Sympathies to the friends and families of the victims.

Black Pegasus

Is it a possibility that an element of thugs out there are Targeting some within the Black Gay Community because they perceive us as being weak?

I don't know what the Sexual Orientation of the Killers are (or that it even matters), but I would hate to think that other Gay Men are killing their Gay Brothers in cold blood...

This is really disturbing!


I guess it's just perception on the way the comments are worded read because, I saw some blaming and finger pointing in some that I read, BUT the important thing is to end violence in any form where ever it rears its ugly head. Let's educate and work to stop it. My opinion is just that my opinion.

We will never know what happened now that these two brothers lost their lives and what the twisted sick people who committed these crimes had for a motive so we are still left with an opinion on what really happened that fateful night.

Rhode York

I have had enough of you people always saying "SMDH." Come up with something new. That saying is just old and silly. I wish that some of you would shake your head enough for it to fall right off your shoulders. AND NO, I DO NOT POST HERE OFTEN. So, let's clear that up before Former COGIC comes in and gives his same speech that seems to imply that first time posters should be ignored because they haven't commented on the umpteen other topics that came before this one. Of course, he follows his remarks up with the statutorily required "SMDH."

Clearly, some of you seem to be implying that this tragic event is connected to Pride. It may be, but it makes Black Pride no more dangerous than any other weekend in Atlanta (or Philly, NYC, Detroit, LA, Chicago, DC, etc.). So, the comments wondering what's going on down there in Atlanta should stop. It's the same thing going on in other black cities. EMFL! (Eating My Fruit Loops).

Former COGIC

smdh @ rhode york

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