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29 September 2010



What bothers me about Eddie Long is that he never came out said I am not guilty...Additionally, if he had love for the congregation he would step down temporarily and handle this privately, letting the people in his church worship without the cloud over their church. Its a shame he has allowed his pride to destroy a ministry from what I read was doing some great work...but as I have been told, For whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad with power...Just my two cents...


Classic strategy-- he turns this into "this is an attack on all of us!" This is how to get the troops in line, tell them that they are also under attack and that they need to fight for themselves.

As Rod correctly pointed out, why aren't these people asking the very sensible and tough questions about how their money was spent? Why were church funds used to employ these young men (were they doing church work)? Why would church funds be used to buy them gifts, establish residences, etc.?

Is anybody there paying attention!?!


Such ARROGANCE. He makes me sick. "Touching God's Order"? Is HE for real? Since when is touching God's order having sexual relations with young teenage boys? This man has no shame. No humility. This isn't a spiritual warfare Eddie. No one is questioning your spirituality, more like questioning your sexuality. When Ted Haggard was caught, he didn't have this air of arrogance like Eddie does.


I know "I" ALWAYS pick my church and minister by the Underarmour shirts they wear.... WTF!!??


If Bishop Long is “God’s order,” then I will just have to be a happy heathen.

@Kevjack: You are so right. Long is using the strategy the rightwingers always use: “We are embattled. There is a powerful enemy out there who is attacking all of us.” He actually said in the video above, “The world is trying to put sheets over you and send you to the morgue.”

And he says this while he is the one with the money, he is the one with the power, and he has been attacking and causing suffering in a much less powerful community, all in order to acquire more money and power for himself.

Understand: To 25,000 people in his congregation, and now to many others who listen to this man’s sermons, we are not now merely sinners. We are the Enemy.

LOL @Rodney.

Black Pegasus

He is utterly DISGUSTING!!

His arrogance and defiance is typical of a seasoned sociopath!


The "fellow ministers" are really not there to pray for Eddie Long. They are there to pray that their collection plates will be full on Sundays to come. No longer can they use the Bible to talk about Gays. Once this ish is over with, people will look twice at any Pastor who talks about gays with a side-eye.

Also here in Atlanta, did you know that Eddie Long has a pimp, ooops I mean Penthouse and apartment in MIDTOWN Atlanta? Everyone one knows that Midtown Altanta Ground zeor for White Gay Atlanta.

Lastly, reports are coming out that staff said that only young black males were seen coming and going from the office.

Does anyone know what the word "enabler" means?
The people in that showplace are Mr. Long's enablers.


He is so ugly both on the inside and outside that I can't


What's up with him and iPads?!?!? Does he have an endorsement?


Amazing how gullible people are - I am dumbfounded.

chris w.

@Nathans: I agree with you. The muscle shirts, the zoot suits, the greasy hair, the big top and chicken-leg bottom. The whole package is just awful. He's even worse on the inside and surely an egomaniac. I'm throwing up in mouth right now.


LOL at expecting the Bishop to step down! Do you honestly believe that a twisted, selfish, calculating mind would ever risk stepping aside, albeit temporarily, to risk not regaining his throne? They will have to drag him outta there in handcuffs, kicking and screaming (like a big ol queen).


I've been reviewing this situation from the beginning and in my opinion I believe that this "Church" is no more than a cult where Eddie Long is the leader. This is very similiar to the Jim Jones situation where blacks worship the man and not the religion.


I(blk myself) can't stand black religious folk. The follow blindly and easily brainwash but I get it why... the Bible speaks to straight folks. It doesn't speak to gays. It tells me I'm going to burn in hell and etc. Not one of these str8 folks have first hand knowledge of what happens when you die. Never will they be able to answer that question because NO ONE can come back from death to say where they been. Eddie long is using these brainwashed individuals to keep his great lifestyle cause the world operates by one thing... MONEY! And if you ain't got it, then you're going to struggle to stay alive, literally.

apres moi

WTF??? "This ain't a time to be smart"?!?! I'm sorry, but I'm sick of hearing black men like this idiot saying these things that actually hurt the Black community as a whole. If we "took the time to be smart", we wouldn't have pastors like this idiot and con artist on the pulpit.

Anyway, his sermon sounded like a CEO, who knows he's done wrong, trying to save his job and brainwash his investors (aka the dumb sheep in his church) to have enough confidence in him to keep him employed. Actually, the more I think of it, he sounds like a CEO threatening his investors that if he's forced out of the corporation (church), that all hell will break loose and everything will destabilize.

By the way, is it me or were there a few obvious-looking queens in that audience eying and flirting with him.

oh and that shirt?? Who's he trying to convince that he's not some big old muscle queen???

Black Pegasus

If you guys wanna Laugh at the expense of Wig Wearing Eddie, then watch this video parody.


It's the sermon he really wanted to give...LMAO!!


Totally tragic. This guy is insane and taking all these poor souls with him. I hope justice prevails and his victims find peace (the ones we know about and I'm sure there are many others we don't know about!).


ignorant people will believe anything if you yell loud enough.

Nevets Nonnacs

Cult of personality. The SHAME is on the "congregation" as well.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You can't put *anything* past *anybody*

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