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26 September 2010



Speak the truth, Julian. I am so happy that he has come forward against Eddie Long. I wish more public figures would speak out. I do believe these allegations will be proven in a matter of time.


So well said..


We love Julian Bond!!


my favorite julian bond quote of all time was, "if you don't believe in gay marriage, don't get gay married."


Mr. Juilan Bond is a great, GREAT man. Just amazing and brilliant...

alicia banks

i love julian!!!

Cocoa Rican

Although I'm pleased that Bond is a gay rights supporter - an equality supporter really - I'm even more happy to read his common sense and matter-of-fact approach to the Bishop Long sex scandal. Where there is smoke, there is fire. The damning evidence (pictures, email messages, gifts, trips, rent-free dwellings, etc.) begs us to step back and wait until the smoke clears, instead of jumping on the defense that because he is a "man of God" he couldn't possibly have had moments of bad judgment and weakness. Bishop Long's biggest mistake may very well be his inability to admit he exercised poor judgment, maybe even acted hypocritically to condemn a segment of the population that he now finds himself a part of.


Bonds is right of course, but more importantly he's also frank in way that seems lost to many opponents social conservatives in general and Long in particular. He's a man of principle and a class act.

Donald Sowell

Thank you Mr.Bonds.

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