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26 September 2010



wow, just wow. Don Lemon is one to be looked up to. Not Eddie Long


What I found profounding disturbing was to see Don Lemon, a gay man, sitting next to these New Birth people. They absolutely adore Bishop Long and are so supportive while conveniently oblivious to Long's decree that "gays deserve death!".



I'm going to go out on a limb and say that John is gay, too.


"When I look at different pedophiles, I don't see Bishop Long. All the things he's done for the community..."

Being a pedophile doesn't stop you from doing things in the community. You're in a pedophile in the community until you're known as one, right? Pedo's do their thing behind the curtains. They don't LOOK like anything. It's not like they have "pedophile" tattooed on their heads.

Black Pegasus

I commend Don Lemon for his bravery..

- with his cute self.. :)


Can somebody Please answer some questions for me?

1)is Bishop Long considered a "child abuser" or "pedophile" or simply a deeply repressed "closeted gay man"? Is he being accused of child abuse or simply sexual coercion? I would presume the latter, but Don Lemmon's comments suggest the former.

2) has Don Lemmon publicly come out as Gay? perhaps i'm off the radar, but i hadn't heard that

3)is it appropriate to confuse child abuse with the behavior of Eddie Long, even if his behavior was coercive?

I sincerely am just wondering. Is adult sexual contact with 16/17 year olds considered "child abuse"?


Poor young people. Hopefully, they will awaken when they get older. Blindly following a creep.


I admire Don Lemon for admitting what happened to him. I was molested by an older guy as a child and I did not say anything about it to anyone until I was in college and I did not tell my Mom about it until I was in my mid twenties. It takes a lot to talk about it on national TV, especially as a man.

I also cannot believe how brainwashed these young people are. The young lady said that Long did not look like a pedophile because of the things he does for people and his standing in the community. If anything that is exactly what a pedophile looks like. They use their work or position in the community to gain the trust of their victims.

Also, the young man who said that coming over and cuddling with a young man while watching TV is part of the mentoring process? He cannot really believe that this is true. He has to be brainwashed. These two young men are fortunate that they were not the Bishop's flavor or they would have been victims also.

I pray for the victims because I know that they are telling the truth. I also pray for these young people. They are going to be devastated when they realize that long has been lying to them and lying with young boys.


"If anything that is exactly what a pedophile looks like. They use their work or position in the community to gain the trust of their victims." Exactly. Boy Scout leaders, school teachers, priest and preachers, etc....all gain the trust of their victims then go in for the kill. The more vulnerable the child, the easier it is.


It is irresponsible of you to not headline that Long's is a "Pedophilia Case" and not simply a "sex scandal"
Does the FBI or DeKalb County PD say this? No. Long is obviously a predator but 17, 18 and 19 year olds were over Georgia's age of consent. And if one headline out of thousands here is so 'irresponsible', then don't read. -RM


Oh,that was a good segment!


I am amazed at how brave people are in 2010 - Don Lemon I commend you and hope that you can keep the issue of abused black men in public light.

Former COGIC

@ John and @Joseph:

Rod is correct. Bishop Eddie Long does not face criminal charges (yet) and is defiinitely not accused of child abuse or child molestation. I dont agree with same of these state laws on consent when it comes to a much older or powerful person,but the law is the law.

I think what you're doing is what many gay men do in situations like this, is to try to prove that Long's behavior is not gay specific, all gay people don't do this, etc. We all know this.

Joseph, it is very obvious what Eddie Long has been accused of. Sexual coercion. It's been said many times on this blog and the entire complaint of each lawsuit has been posted so everyone can read it themselves. You're both being very disingenuous.

No one said Long was accused of child abuse or child sexual abuse. The police, FBI or child protective services would be involved so just enuff already. And John, you're quite amusing to call Rod irresponsible, he's been among the most responsible voices on this story and his coverage has been stellar.

Joseph, Don Lemon is perfectly right to bring up his childhood sexual abuse if he wanted to share that. Don was trying to illustrate the behavior of predators. Instead of applauding this man's honesty, you're parsing and trying to play word games.


Butchie said: “These two young men are fortunate that they were not the Bishop's flavor or they would have been victims also.

You don’t know, Butchie. One of these men could have had a sexual relationship with Bishop Long, and still be defending him and denying the truth. In fact, I can almost guarantee there are other young men with such a history who are doing exactly that right now.


I wish all those children sitting in this segment luck. When the segment about Long putting his leg over the young man was said, I could tell the look on their faces slightly changed then came back. They know that was wrong. John was taken aback a little with that info. He tried to pull it together after that.

I said it before and I will say it again. The mental and emotional capabilities of a 16, 17 and some 19 year olds are not comparable to a 40-50 year old. Their world view is much more limited than an adult's so manipulation is easier. Saying someone is now old enough to have sex doesn't mean they should nor that they will make the right decisions while doing it. Case in point: millions of pregnant teens.
For me, the abuse is the intent. When an adult knows they are using the child and does it then releases the child back into their own environment, knowing the child can't or won't say anything because they know they would be ridiculed if they do, is abuse. The mental and emotional trauma that sets in when you know you have been set up without a mentally or emotionally healthy way out (because it becomes an internalized prison, because who can you talk to)is abuse.

If these allegations are true, Long is a pedophile. We need to move away from if he is gay or considered gay. That is of no consequence. Being a pedophile is a behavior. It is not about sexual orientation. It is an orientationless behavior. That is why they are both in the straight and lgbt community. We should focus on the behavior. I wouldn't want to claim Long as part of the lgbt community anyway. He might be bi. Who knows? But using his power to coerce sexually, then dog out the entire lgbt community while doing it. Saying things like we (lgbt) should be put to death while he is out coercing young guys and blowing them (allegedly). He really sucks, literally and figuretively. "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

alicia banks


thanks rod

much respect!

dl dogs like eddie long are the NORM in homohating black churches...just as ROUTINE as pedophile catholic priest!!!

this entire vulgar hypochristian saga is a classic example of a sheeple



Maybe the silver lining in all of this is that this story will facilitate a much needed discussion of sexual abuse and coercion in our community. Too many of us look the other way at age-inappropriate relationships (gay, straight-- whatever) and turn a blind eye to the epidemic of molestation that has claimed the souls of too many in our community.

Unfortunately, I will not hold my breath that the discussion will be informative. Too often people just use it for sound bites and cheesy gimmicks. Hopefully we can do some real soul searching as a community.


How totally brave of Don Lemon. His sexual preference is irrelevant. The factis, that he put the mind of a predator in context. Deep, and he could have kept this private. Much more respect for this dignified brother. Idol worship will leave these people disillusioned. Simple mathematics, Raging Rabid Homophobe=Spadex wearing, JeriCurl-Hairplug HOMEPHOBE... Look it up!


Probably, the men in this segment had both parents in their lives. You have see the kind of victims Bishop Long was targeting: boys from single-parents. For those on this blog who are in doubt about Eddie Long you about to get an education about sex abuse and coercion. Although, these men were of legal consent, there a relation that one has like a mental health professional, where there is immense power and control over its victims, there is where the lawsuit will go. He had undo power and influence over these young men who needed a father-figure and it was exploited.

Tim Lee

I was so proud of Don Lemon. I've always been a fan of his, but that really showed personal courage.


WOW. This is deep.



It's a real complicated question you ask and there are many factors. First, you have to check the laws in your various states. Secondly, you have to understand the maturity level of the teenager. For example, a 16 year old gay man has sex with an 18 year who has just come out the closet but the 18 year old goes to jail due to local laws; although the 16 year old was having sex since 14. Clearly, the 16 was more sexually mature than the 18 year old.

This is why when you are talking about age of consent it isn't as cut and dry as one likes to put it. In England it's 16. But what is diabolical about Bishop Long is his influence over young men who probably haven't come to terms with their sexuality (i.e., gay or straight). Most research would put an openly gay teenager who is comfortable with their sexuality as more mature than their heterosexual counterparts; but that wasn't what Eddie Long was attracted to and you've to look at who he is attracted to under his pathology.


That rhetoric sounds similar to a cult. Why do people believe that they are somehow elevated if the publicly profess that they are "Christian." Having attended Atlanta World Changers I personally know that some of the rituals, sermons, etc. transform you into a "believer" if you will and the language and songs directed from the alter/pulpit over time seeps into your own conscience. You say things like Man of God, Woman of God when greeting and chant in what they consider speaking in tongue. In short, what I want to add is that for students (of life) this young and many older ones as well when you are spiritually immature and vulnerable it is extremely easy to fall under the subliminal altering that occurs at both traditional and mega churches led by ministers with untruths.


Don Lemon is an amazing man who I admire GREATLY. I LOVE him and he's a true role model.

I won't even go there about Long's mindless drones...

Rod Mc

There are some wonderful comments here. It's good to see that so many people have opinions and are involved.

Oh and some of the longer comments are being auto-held because of all the anti-gay comments from church people. If your comment doesn't post right away, I'll try to get to it asap. -RM

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