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29 September 2010



Thanks for posting this, Rod! I haven't seen a single corporate news source that's matched your reporting on this.


Well, I would turn predator on a man that phyne! Poor Bishop! He just couldn't resist the sexy trade!

Yeah, I would quote the entire Bible to Jamal anyday!


Private jet? WTF? Did any money given to him by the Bush administration as part of the faith based initiatives help him buy that or his $1.1m home? Why does a church leader need all these luxuries to get him to super-celebrity status?

Fox News following this witness to the local supermarket is a bit pervy too but they certainly got some interesting information from him.


Jamal is cute!


For some reason I can not help but feel that these guys were still getting benefits in order to remain quiet and the pastor decided enough was enough probably because they were not putting out anymore or else he found a new crop of accepting victims. Something about Jamals expressions and demeanor says there is more to this than what these "alleged" guys are saying. We must realize that there are boys out there selling themselves in order to get by, so can this be a case of male prostitution in the church?

Ammon Moore

I agree that this was good reporting. I applaude the young man who was interviewed after making the claims. I happen to know that this must have been a really hard thing to do in the society inwhich he lives and from which he come. He seems to be mature in making more than acusations, but also providing surrounding details and exposing his emotions. Thanks__from an American living in Europe from Atlanta.


I feel so sorry for these young men to be involved in such a tragic situation. As Jamal said, by being willing to name themselves (which they could choose NOT to do) the motive of doing this just for money is a lot less plausible.

Let's hope that they are all getting the help that they need to have healthy and happy future.


I believe this young man..His eyes are clear and direct..


@ Kevin, though I do believe Jamal, I do see what you are saying; however, I don't think their motives make much of a difference (in my opinion). I say that because the more this case goes on, it seems that the point of it was to prove that Long is a hypocrite. Hince why BJ put him on trial by public opinion from the beginning.


I used to have a rich boyfriend. I really liked him too. We travelled and shopped. When things ceased to work, he dumped me. I was hurt. That's life.

I hate to simplify this Long situation, but let's. Yes, he was their pastor and mentor and I can sense great love and great hurt. But what's the crime IF they were of age. Even Jamal said they were grown men. I'm just a bit confused.


@Benny: That's exactly the point. He was their pastor and their mentor, not simply a rich boyfriend. Long's relationship with these guys was so supposed to be a mentor/spiritual leader, not a sugar daddy.

He crossed the line in his relationship with these guys by using his authority to pressure them into doing sexual acts, whereas you and your boyfriend knew what your roles were from jump.

chris w.

Jamal is very believable. I'm glad that he is articulate. He is able to communicate what happened in compelling way. I'm praying that these young men have family and friends to support them during what has to be an extremely difficult time.

James McKissic



This was truly compelling. He articulated everything that's wrong with this situation. It's even more damning for Eddie Long, who still can't categorically deny the charges. I wonder how long it will take for this flock of sheep to wake up? What am I saying? They never will.

Black Pegasus

WoW.. I feel so much sympathy for this young man. (and not just because he's a cutie :)]

But because of the courage it takes to come forward. He is facing a very powerful monster who will stop at nothing to preserve his current way of life.. Jamal, keep your head up lil buddy. And don't leave us. You have so much more work to do in this life.


@Kevin: thanks for weighing in. I'm no attorney, but I'm just trying to figure out why this is a court issue.

There's no legislation against pastors having extra-marital affairs, homosexual affairs or affairs with younger ADULTS.

With me and my boyfriend, we had understood roles and we defined that ourselves. When Long brought these men into his inner circle and his agenda was made clear, these young men "accepted" the terms... do you think they accepted the terms because he made it seem like it was a God thing? If so, that's not cool...


I feel for these guys, I hope they get a lot of $$ and get a good education & mental health treatment. Education is key to stop this from happening. Ga.law is behind the times, 16yo is NOT a consenting adult. He "could not take enough showers to get his smell off of him!" The Bishop is a pedophile. E.L. A few states over you would be considered a criminal. He WILL settle out of court..... This kid is too compelling!

Derrick from Philly

Have any you watched the Youtube Videos of the other young men involved: Anthony Flagg & Maurice Robinson? The video I saw was one in which they were back in a highschool (or maybe Middle-school) class "having fun" & singing with another classmate taping them. Yes, it's just teenage boys "cutting-up" with a little masculine posturing going on--but I wouldn't be surprised if the Bitch-up Longs' lawyers try to paint the innocent boys as not being so innocent.



This is a civil suit. That's why it's in court. Eddie "Wrong" is not facing jail time, because like you said, there's no legislation against the sexual manipulation alleged.

If the misappropriation of church funds is proven though, i'm sure the feds will be all over Long in an actual criminal case shortly thereafter. He was under investigation for the same thing just a few years ago.

Also, it's exactly what they're alledging is that he used God and scripture to seduce these YOUNG men into the sexual relationship. It wasnt a clear sugar daddy arrangement from the beginning like yours was. It was a gradual predatory development that isnt realized by the boys or anyone else until it was too late.


Long worked on these boys while they were still underage and once he had them under his thumb and they reached legal age he pounced... evil bastard


Jamal is a very articulate young man. I believe him. The money they get will never make up for the societal exclusion that will happen and is happening to them. This is why he said to people who think this is just for money, that idea is ludicrous.

Benny, this is like a foster mother taking you in then after establishing the boundaries of mother and son, suddenly starts pressuring you for sex. Even if it isn't a blood relative, the bounderies have been set and it creates an incestous relationship. By then you want to please this parental figure, because the kid feels like the parent/s are going to take their love back. Then the kid thinks about the "stuff" that was given (cars, trips, money, ect.), and that all that will also disappear. The kid feels totally abandoned. Like when a parent finds out a child is gay and kicks them out of the house.

To have the love and support of a parent (or parental figure), then have it all snatched from under you is devastating. Who would want to talk about that out in the open? And if you don't consider yourself gay on top of all this, you really gonna keep your mouth shut and your manhood in front and center. I'm sure the parents also told the kids to keep this quiet. They didn't want their kids nor themselves "outed", with regard to this. The parent feels like they didn't do their job, even though I'm sure Long told the kid to keep all this quiet if they want it all to continue.

And I'm sure the mother (because it was usually a single female parent household) thought how great it was that a pastor of such high esteem was taking such a religious mentor type interest in their kid. I would have been happy also. I would think my kid was having doors opened to them, and given the opportunity to see the country, and the world, when they themselves may never have had that opportunity, and wanted more for their kids than they had. I don't find fault with the parent, unless the kid told them and they didn't believe it. Most kids won't tell though, because the parent is happy for the child, and the child is usually confused as to how the situation happened and don't want to hurt the adults involved, be it the mother or the surrogate father.


Thanks for the excellent coverage of this story. This man has textbook predator methods of hooking these guys and a population that will look the other way and believe whatever the preacher says. That is so sad. Only this population! Not even to question the spending of funds? Only in the black church.


Thanks for the updates, and I'm glad that Bishop Long's grave is being dug deeper and deeper each and every day.

I do predict, though, that the anti-gay crowd will twist the father figure angle of Jamal's testimony into an argument against same-sex marriage and gay rights in general. I can hear those fools now: omg, these boys didn't have fathers which is why they succumbed to sexual deviancy because all gay men are predators and yay! for the "natural" family blah blah blah.

We all know that homosexuality and sex abuse are not synonymous. We also know that the quality of parenting and a stable household are much more important than the gender of a child's parents. Finally, we all know that the plight of black America that right-wing fringe freaks claim to be so concerned about can't be blamed *solely* on deadbeat or absent fathers (which is as much a result of the various problems facing our community as it is a cause). Nevertheless, the anti-equality fools will still be all over this as "support" of their shallow, bigoted views.


I didn't like the ambush of this young man by the TV station - and then the anchor asked the reporter why the young man decide now to come forth - he didn't decide, he was ambushed. I hope that these guys no longer suffer from predators - whether it's Bishop Long, the media, their parents or anyone who thinks that they some how caused this and should have kept quiet.


this man is speaking his truth; I can feel his pain in his voice. My prayers are with him and the others, and the current members of the Longfellow academy

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