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09 September 2010


Kevin Perez

Humanity is something I believe should come before sexual idenity, gender and yes, even race. The former is something most LGBT in minority communities are denied and deprived not only from American society in general but Straight folks that make themselves the spokesperson of "the communities" that have no qualms discussing racism but will justify and rationalize homophobia and socially conservative attitudes that are equally toxic, outdated and belong back in the good 'ol days

It's good to see this woman speak out a fundemental truth because no matter what those annoying psuedo-Black Nationalists or Rastas say, there IS such a thing as being Black and LGBT and that ain't going any where any time soon, EVER.

Amir Swag

"...but if you take those fingers and ball them into a fist; you can strike a mighty blow. Now, this family GOT to be that fist"

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