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01 September 2010



I love Rachel Maddow. Kudos to her and others like Jon Stewart for calling out the far right on their lies and twisting of facts. Aside from the useless deaths and high financial costs, this war has also dangerously empowered Iran to grow as a threat.


WOW this was spot on.

Derrick from Philly

General Wesley Clark (a good-lookin' white man if I may say so) was on Tavis Smiley last night. He said the whole Iraq Escapade was a disaster. I think he's right.


I love her!!!!!! This really is so spot on!!! There is more clarity reagarding the US invasion of Iraq in this 10 min spot, than in the 7 years we have been fighting in Iraq. Kudos, Rachel, kudos!!

alicia banks

will she do pt 2 on hobama?

who has been even more deceptive in iraq???



@ alicia banks
Don't know if she will do such a show. I'm sure Fox News would be interested in doing that topic. One fact is true, Rachel Maddow has a show. And.. uh.. you don't.


That was simply the truth and few things are as powerful as the truth, except the consequences of a lie.

Brava to Rachel and her team!


I swear i'd marry Rachel M. We'll find a way around our 'sexuality'.

She's always putting liars on blast.


Rachel's editorial illustrates perfectly how it's not only important, for this topic, to CAREFULLY examine history, but it's important EVERY time the Magical GOP Revisionist History Machine attempts to do one of its outrageous, historical rewrites - i.e. Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP are crazy, radical activists, or The New Deal was bad for the economy.

it's critical that their attempts at poisoning the discourse get SMACKED DOWN EARLY before their memes take hold. i've posted this to my facebook page.

@alicia banks. Rachel's been extremely critical of our current administration, as am i, regarding policy both foreign and domestic. BUT, if you're implying the devastation G.W.Bush levied on this country, the middle east, and the world is, IN ANY WAY, comparable to anything President Barack Obama has done, let alone painting the current president as worse, particularly regarding Iraq - let's just say, you might be letting anger or misinformation cloud your judgment.

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