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30 September 2010


Mark H.


Late last week you had reports that 2 more lawsuits would be filed, but none has been since the 4th plaintiff filed his suit. Is there any word on whether more lawsuits will be forthcoming?


I am so glad to see that these young men are speaking out. Props to tem.


If he went to the police, there should be a record, shouldn't there? Eddie Long is toast. Go ahead on with your mea culpa, son. It's over.

I heard that this B.J Beirnstein (sp?) is very shrew and would not have taken on this case if there weren't any hard evidence.


I meant props to "them" lol


Correction: Shrewd

Black Pegasus

These young men should follow the advice of their attorney.... B.J Bernstein said in an interview that she advised her clients not to speak to the media. The public relations battle has already been won by the victims, so there is no need to continue giving interviews at this time.

Bishop "Eddie Long for Cock" and his camp are on the defensive, and that's exactly how we want them!

(my words, not the lawyers')


As sad as it is this would make an excellent movie documentary on many levels; could this be the time when the small three word GAY finally be dealt with?
Why is the big time pro gay groups silently sitting this one out or waiting til the trial comes out, is it about being very politically correct.
That preacher and that mega church look highly suspect and a short but thorough audit would reveal some not so dark deep secrets in delicious ATL.
Young boys and preachers who's up for taking that one on??
I'll never forget that young man Parris saying how he could never take enough showers to wash away the preachers heavy cologne off his body.
No amount of money or settlement will bring justice to anyone, ever.


If you look at the guay you can see that Edik Long has a type...young

He was sucking em in the name of Cheesus


@ Black Pegasus: I completely agree. They need to have a gag order put on them at this point by their attorneys. From here on out, they don't need to do any more talking-to the media.


Why should there be a gag order. Eddie Long needs to talked about loud and clear...for he truly is not hearing...But what really gets me is why his congregation is not saying to him to step down while this trial is going on...If I were a member I would resign in disgust! Its just nasty what he did to those boys...Yes I mean boys cause that was what they were when he started his pederastic ways!


Charles said: “If I were a member, I would resign in disgust!

If you were a member, that would mean you were suffering from a form of derangement, and you would be incapable of disgust at moral corruption.


You want a gag order so that the jury pool is unbiased. I doubt they will be able to find an impartial jury in that county. Let this go to trial and be concluded ....then they can write as many books they want, be on oprah's last show, etc
On a side note, Parris is FINE!!!!


I thought that was Dawn Staley.

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