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13 October 2010



What in the world is going on lately? I'm still trying to catch my breath from last week's gang beatings in NYC.


This story is so sad. Pastor Strong was a very nice man and did so much for Chattanooga. If these goons get any leniency by using the "gay panic" defense, it will be an outrage.

sean D

Even if the good Rev. was gay, that is not no cause for him to have been robbed or killed.

The police make it sound like "he was gay", he deserved to die. *smh*


Said she “would understand” her son, whom she calls Tony, robbing the preacher. But she said she couldn’t see him murdering the pastor “without a reason.”

There is the problem at its root. Murdering "without a reason." There is NEVER a reason to show disrespect to the human life that we have been given. Great job mom!


Dang. another?

jg, III

look at his photo - can you say homo-thug? we have got to see the coloration between prison and gang-related homophobia. in prison, sex is about domination. the good preacher probably had things and paying out a little for his addiction. he probably went berserk because the preacher stopped paying him and he killed him. one of the other issues around dealing with folks with criminality, is that don't have a rational bone in their bodies, and completed thought they were right in doing this ugly crime.

Honut Sinti

Amazing this hate. And that THING rationlizing behavior of the creature it bore, UGH!


I just have to stop and say thanks Rod for keeping us informed and for being the black gay press that we so desperately need.

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